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November 12 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call details for Dollhouse 2x11. Cool spoilers. Interesting spoilers. Slightly surreal spoilers. It must be a Tim Minear episode.

This is scheduled to air on January 8th.

For evident reasons I am reminded of the quote

"The Show ain't over till the fat lady sings."
That's like one of the weirdest Dollhouse casting calls ever. Maybe the.
Although didn't Shawna tweet today that they're already shooting episode 11?
Maybe due to the news, they've changed the plot and have now actually given us a fat lady that sings!
The first actress to pop in my head when I read German was Sarah Chalke, however I'm doubtful she can sing opera. I can barely remember her signing from the Scrubs Musical.
My only slight concern is that the episode will be just a high brow version of "Stage Fright" - about a suicidal opera star playing a suicidal opera heroine - ah well if that's the case I hope they use the aria from "La Wally" - because that title always makes me giggle childishly.

My secret, somewhat perverse, wish is that somehow Joss has found a way to do "Dollhouse - The Musical" in a way that just works. (And maybe incorporates that puppets from "Smiletime".)
Although didn't Shawna tweet today that they're already shooting episode 11?

Yep, and it was mentioned in the cancellation news that they're shooting 11 right now, which is also supported by the fact that 10 started production on November 2nd and production usually taking up 8 days. Maybe it's a late casting call and somebody got the date wrong?
Jayme - Sadly she certainly can't do opera. You're right about not remembering her singing much in the Scrubs musical, Sarah is the first to admit she can't hold a tune! She did as little as possible, much like Aly in OMWF!
Would they shoot out of order such that they might wait until Nov. 24 to shoot part of episode 11?
Kristin Chenoweth can sing opera! And I would love to see her on Dollhouse.
Heidi Klum can speak German.. dunno about her singing though. Oh wait.. "wonderland wonderland shining stars jingle bells".. nevermind.
Repo! The Genetic Opera

That just jumped into my mind
Ack, that's almost worse than Klingon Opera!
You know what? The cancellation has had one lovely side effect. It means that I can now sit back and just enjoy watching - without any of the ratings/marketing/fandom panic backdrop. I found that that really distorted my enjoyment of the show. (I know nobody makes me be here, but it's hard to stay away...)

This casting call is fun. It makes me giggle. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.

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