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October 23 2003

Peter David Reviews 5ADH04 'Hellbound.' "Theological concerns aside, I liked what they did with the episode..."

He did get something slightly wrong. Harmony has a surname. It's Kendall. And there have been other vamps with full names. Billy Fordham, Holden Webster, Doug Sanders, Russell Winters, etc.

The ones who have full names either started out on the show as human, were newly-made and we saw their gravestone, or they run an evil business of some sort.

Just a little nitpick.
On what he said about Spike and Angel's 'ticket to Hell' some thoughts:
-Firstly as some already pointed out, this was only Angel's OPINION. He has no clue about what cosmic justice would be for him. It's his own sense of guilt that makes him see himself as hellbound no matter what. But he went to hell because of the Acathla spell, not some judgment.

-Spike nearly went to hell this ep not for his evil, but because of Pavayne. He said so literally. He'd been feeding souls to hell 'so he could stay out'. And the remark that Spike's soul would damn him to suffering referred for me to the fact that Angelus would have been fine in hell too. Soulless demons would be. But a soul in hell suffers by default.

-The nature of vampirism in Whedonverse has always been an ongoing discovery. I tend to disregard Giles' early remarks since he went purely by Council wisdom. And we learned how up on things they were sometimes. That there is difference in humanity between vampires was established with the 'Judge' story in Season 2. I have to agree with the person who said that the demonic infection brings out a person's capacity for evil. That also explains why there are differences. And why Angel feels so guilty, knowing his evil side is legendary even among vamps.
As well as making the Harmony mistake, he also appeared to forget that Darla wasn't her name when she was human - she doesn't even remember what it was.

"Having Spike faced with that decision point, the classic self-sarcifice moment, was very nicely done, however." Replace "classic" with "cliched" and "nicely" with "predictably", and you've got my opinion. But remember to learn how to spell "sacrifice" first. ;)
well if you think about it spike doesn't have the demon within struggling to take over. spike voluntarily seeks a soul (a very debatable issue, thanks to shoddy characterization in BtVS S6). angelus was cursed by one, therefore forced into becoming angel. whistler guides angel to help buffy, spike helps buffy voluntarily, after being "neutered".

angel must be wrecked with guilt, because he knows that if he gets the chance to turn back time, unlike spike, he wouldn't choose to be ensouled. cynicism overcomes angel's POV especially after spike comes back, a better "man" (we still don't know =) ) for seeking out a soul and dying for his beloved. although angel would die to save others (AtS S1 "hero"...etc), angel knows that he not only is a champion, but a repressed sadistic murderer as well. thus, the grim, cynical percpective of angel's future.

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