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November 13 2009

(SPOILER) Alexis Denisof talks Alyson, Wesley and Dollhouse. One of the best interviews that he's ever done. Highlights from it can be found here.

It starts around the 23:30 mark.

“Taking those two episodes together are as exciting as anything that I have ever shot on “Angel.” They really work up a phenomenal story. I am really excited to see how it turned out.”

*commences with even more weeping*

Needless to say, it's been great to see Alexis back on TV. Let's hope we won't be waiting again after Dollhouse goes off.
Aww, I just love this guy. Alyson is a very lucky lady :)

Really great interview! Thanks for posting.
Wonderful interview! I loved how much attention they gave to discussing ANGEL and Wesley's character.
It was wasn't it? Such a nice guy.
"“I’m the manny daddy. We have a great set up where several days a week I go in, and Alyson and Satyana all come in together and we have a little room that is set up as a nursery at Fox. Alyson can come off set at every opportunity to come spend time with the baby and breast feed; and gets to keep her mothering going.” "

I don't know what "manny daddy" means, and my ex didn't breast-feed, but I totally agree with that type of bonding *grin.
I guess that means we won't be seeing him again until his kid graduates from high school!:(
"Joss Whedon said to the Fox execs that only Denisof could pull off the role." It's nice the way Joss uses the same actors. Kind of like a family. Makes sense since he knows the quality of their work.
Great interview with a great man. Alexis is so polite and well mannered and has played my favorite character in the whole Whedonverse. It's great to hear them discuss how awesome Angel and Wesley are and it still makes me smile thinking of all the ground Joss and Alexis covered with that character.
Well done sir!
I really enjoyed this interview so much. Thanks for posting it, Simon. I love it when actors I like turn out to be such nice people, and, clearly, such a wonderful father and husband.

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