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November 13 2009

Save Her? Something is happening on the WipetheFuture site.

Yesterday it read "Be Careful Today". Now it presents us with a puzzle. Do you have the access codes? Can you help find her?

I hope her name isn't Hazel.

Meanwhile, has a new video. And there's a new pointer in its source code.
You mean the @AlexfromPR twitter account? The one that leads to the blog?

(I've only just twigged who the person in the blog header resembles.)
Interesting. Hmm...Don't have time, gotta go to work. Thanks to the folks putting all the effort into these though, they're fun.
Is this going to help us over throw Fox?
Much thanks to whoever is putting these up (they're keeping me very entertained) As for the passcodes, I'm stumped... Anyone having any luck?
I don't know if I'm onto anything or not, but I noticed when typing random letters into the "codename" box that (without pressing shift) certain letters are capitalized and certain ones are lowercase. I typed in the alphabet and the only lowercase letters are acdemnos, which are the letter in "codenames."

Anyone have anything else?
The other day I called the phone number and got a weird message back. I don't know what it means, I just know it thanked me for taking an interest in the corp, told me to wait for a message and then made a staticy sound. Kinda reminded me of a remote wipe sound. xD

I don't think it means anything, but maybe we could try calling?...again?
Wow Heiti is key. Great.
And Sara at Spectrin? Didn't expect that. :)
You got remote wiped? Maybe calling that number is a bad thing. Don't want to end up like the dude in Epitaph One.
Anyone know the alt code for a greek alpha? I wanna try it, lol.
The person in the AlexfromPR blog header looks a lot like the girl in the new video to me - I wonder if that's who we're trying to save?
At least that's what it sounded like Hacksaway! Maybe that's why we aren't suppose to pick up the phone...
The Passcode is Username: 69B Password: 478 (from @tombness)
This gives "Access Granted" and has a new message:
Sara at Spectrin
Heiti is Key

If you go to Spectrin, you'll find Sara Kinglsey, Emeritus Investigator. The only email on the site is

Not sure about the reference to Heiti though.

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Found the codes following the twitter threads.

Spectrin website is intruiging.
I got remoted wiped yesterday too! I answered the phone even though it was displaying a number I didn't recognize off hand (it was the number from the Rossum site, though). A pre-recorded message informed me how much Rossum valued all its shareholders and told me to please hold. Suddenly the audio cut to garbled static, followed by a message instructing me to await further contact and to have a bright future.

Also, RE: those finding information about Heiti and Spectrin. What's that about? What passcode worked for you? I've been hearing 69 or 69B and 478 but those just generate an error - not validated message for me.
Is this our Sara? Or just a REALLY bizarre coincidence?

This is kinda scary, but really fun!! :) Sadly, it gives me some hope that somehow, the show won't be cancelled after all, that this is some devious ploy to get us up and at it.... A girl can dream :/

And I won't pick up the phone.
Sara's page at Spectrin shows someone's having fun... or can't write. Anything she wrote couldn't be referred to in de Chardin's writings, since he lived in the World War I era.

ETA: ...unless that's part of the mystery. De Chardin wrote of an evolved human consciousness he called "The Omega Point."

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@ManEnoughToAdmitIt - The company seems to investigate the supernatural, so it's possible that Sara's older than we think. Especially given that "Our current company was chartered in 1724 and we are proud to be New York's oldest investigative firm." I'm thinking along the lines of Mr Ambrose's new service offering.

I wonder if "Spectrin's direct corporate ancestor (Hunter & Lockerbie)" is a clue, or if any of the Open/Closed cases are relevant?
Suddenly the audio cut to garbled static, followed by a message instructing me to await further contact and to have a bright future.

Haha, I think there are a bunch of sleeper agents here at Whedonesque now. No one say anything about flowers!
...Or Sara's simply a tad older than she looks...? Is there a clue provided in the various photographs of cases that are either open or closed? Any of the years or instances ring a bell?

Anyone else disappointed over the fact that Sara's email is

(Sorry, posted simultaneously with the two above)

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I only know that the only open case had a picture of one of those storage containers. One of the metal ones?
'Sara at spectrin' anagrams to 'A Panic Restarts.'

ETA: No logical anagrams for 'heiti is key' unless they're trying to warn us about yetis that ski.

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Sent an email to Sara citing Heiti. I'll post if I get a response.

Also, I have no idea if this is relevant or just a coincidence, but I googled "Spectrin" and "Heiti" and one of the top responses was a Biology Image Library image of cancer cells by Heiti Paves. The full image (accessible via Google Cache) mentions that the "Cell surface ruffles (red) on Cos7 (African green monkey kidney cell line). GFP expression in cytoplasm. The membrane was stained with anti-spectrin antibodies and anti-mouse rhodamine secondary antibodies. Fluorescence microscopy, 40x objective lens." Heiti Paves is an Estonian scientist, whose work was recently featured on If nothing else, the photos are wicked!

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I did too JenskiJen a while ago, great minds think a like. ;)
There is a client log in button within the site.
Should someone request "Tips" from Spectrin ( The same "sarak" address is provided, and you're asked to give some details about your company and the problem you're encountering. I don't have time now, but I might pose as a company in some kind of PR trouble.

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Google tells me that Sara Kingsley is also the character name of a Doctor in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was the head physician at the Darwin Genetic Research Station in 2365. She led an experiment to produce "superhuman" children who would be immune to virtually all forms of disease. Source.

And the title character in a series of mystery novels "The Sara Kingsley Mystery" by Anne Wilson.
I sent an email requesting "Tip Sheets" from Spectrin. I'll definitely update if I hear back.

One other thing that is totally random -- someone mentioned when the Rossum website first went up that one of their Locations was in a very small town in Iceland. From what I've seen in all my searches of the word/name, "Heiti" is very Icelandic.

Oh, and from Rossum's map of locations, it looks like one of their offices is in Guantanamo? :)
I emailed Sara. I'll let you know if I hear anything back.

I was also wiped last night. Didn't recognize the number but it literally called back 3 times so I finally picked it up.
In her spare time Ms. Kingsley publishes fiction under a nom de plume

Heiti is key

I'm trying to find a connection, but not having much success.

HEITI: substitution of one noun for another

And on the Sugarshock side of things:

In Viking societies, many people had nicknames heiti, vi­rnefni or uppnefni which were used in addition to, or instead of their family names.
So what Topher should have said, E-Rawk, is "Don't pick up the phone even if you get really curious about who's calling you so much!"

And what you're saying, Xantastic, is that Rossum is really a Viking front company? Easily dispatched, then. All we have to do is get in touch with Dandelion's secret government agency and she'll play the saddest song in the world at them. Should clear the whole problem right up, unless Rossum is actually run by squirrels.
Pretty much, manenough. Or, "even if it is really annoying that they keep calling and you're afraid that someone you know is in trouble and calling from a phone booth or something" though that might be too vague/specific.
I have nothing to add, except a vague sense that "nom de plume" and "heiti is the key" adds up to some sort of roman a clef thing (maybe related to LOCKERbie?)... yeah, I got nothing. But this is cool.
Yeah, mostly I'm just theoreticizing (and made-up-word-i-cizing too) but I'm probably blundering through all the wrong territory. *shrugs* This is fun whether I'm right, wrong, or some other third thing.
Actually, all of the Spectrin people's last names have meanings of some sort (Hunter, Kingsley, Candel, de Lard)... so, they could be easily roman a clefed...
Interesting that "Heiti" is Icelandic and one of Rossum's regional offices is in Akranes, Iceland. Just haven't figured out the connection yet.
The Spectrin site says that in case of emergency one should "Conduct a problem assessment. Ensure proper documentation of dates and times of events; log any missing or new assets;" so I present to you the years listed in the case gallery. These don't seem likely to be the "dates and times" of significance, though. Note the change in punctuation. I have also listed a description of the picture accompanying each, although I suspect this is not significant.

1811: CASE 17A15. OPEN. [hospital]
1847: CASE 23H02. CLOSED. [train]
1933: CASE 41KL9B. CLOSED. [plane]
1936: CASE 499J; CLOSED. [alley]
1962: CASE 59002; OPEN. [metal room]
1983: CASE 6612D-2; CLOSED. [street]

Edit: my other idea is that 'heiti' could be some sort of decoding key (Lewis Carroll used such a system, for example), but I haven't reached anywhere with that idea.

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If anyone wants to listen to the phone message that you get if you've called the number on the Rossum website, you can download or listen to it here. Beware the sleeper agent transfer!

It might also be useful to note that the website is copyright 2004, and the last message to the shareholders is dated 2003.

Also... AlexfromPR's birthday is December 4 (the day Dollhouse returns)... coinkydink?
Have a close look at the lower back, reflected in the mirror, of the chap to the far left of the 1811 open case.

Also, some folk above have commented on Sara's age. She is listed as an Emeritus Investigator. "Emeritus" means retired but still allowed to practise. (Is it just me or does she also look the spitting image of Tamara Taylor?)

And Robert A. Hunter is a specialist in vivoelectrics - a recent medical advancement whereby small electrical currents are used to help foreign tissue adapt to an individuals DNA structure or measure alerations in body chemistry.

Plus, did anyone else note on their website that, they specialise in property, specifically abandoned property?

I'm thinking either this will be the company that will take down Rossum or the company to supercede them. Didn't Joss say that by the time the last episode of Dollhouse airs we will already know what his next project is? A Temporal Displacement Investigative Agency? I'd like me some of that.

I still have no idea on "heiti" - except to reiterate that there is a user log in button within the page - sadly it is not working presently.

Oh and way back up this thread - LOL @ Xantastic1316 - Yetis That Ski.
(Is it just me or does she also look the spitting image of Tamara Taylor?)

From Wikipedia: Tamara also played a small role in the movie Serenity.

Didn't Joss say that by the time the last episode of Dollhouse airs we will already know what his next project is? A Temporal Displacement Investigative Agency? I'd like me some of that.

That does sound awesome. And why would they have open cases as early as 1811? That's not a regular practice, is it? And while I'm at it, "We hope to have a voice in your timeline soon." and @AlexFromPR insisting that the person in the video looks like her, but that someone must be playing a sick joke on her. The only real question is, if this is Joss' next project, is it going to be peripherally connected to Dollhouse?

I still have no idea on "heiti" - except to reiterate that there is a user log in button within the page - sadly it is not working presently.

I find it interesting that the error message changed at some point in the last 18-ish hours. It said 'Error' the first time I looked and now it says 'We are sorry, there is currently an issue with this page. Please try again later.' Not a significant difference, but the mere fact of it being changed so soon after people started breaking the WipeTheFuture (heh, WTF) codes seems to indicate that it definitely is the next link in this chain of websites.

LOL @ Xantastic1316 - Yetis That Ski.

A fine example of me blundering in the completely wrong area. (Which I might still be doing.)
Still thinking about and frustrated over what we may or may not be seeing. According to my friend wikipedia, a
"heiti is a synonym used in Old Norse poetry in place of the normal word for something. For instance, Old Norse poets might use jˇr "steed" instead of the prosaic hestr "horse"."
(Now, with an English degree, I'm sure there's a term for that that I should know, but alas, no.)

Also, heiti is an Icelandic word which roughly translates to "named" or "called" (but sans past tense) Eg heiti Carnelionne would translate to I am named/called Carnelionne.

Now, if translating heiti to name or call, you could get
"Name is key" or "Call is key"...

I know, I'm reaching.

Also - loving the work that have been done on Spectrin! (Although I sadly do think the yetis might be a stretch, too...)
I've just emailed Sara form Spectrin posing as a LA based company in need of their 'services', I'll let you know if I get anything back.

Edit: @AlexfromPR has just told us there's a (Rossum?) branch called Heiti

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This is @AlexfromPR's site, and two things struck me:
a) does Cifer Tek RIP mean anything? (see her pic to work)
b) In the blog Central Park Huntin', she meets a lovely man named Mateo... I really want him to be a doll...

edit: I know I'm really slow in the uptake, but the pic of Alex on her site and the person in the ditch the tech snippet is of the same person, right? (She even sounds Canadian to my foreign ears.)

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@AlexFromPR mentioned a cab driver with a Nordic accent. Seems like Norse might be the right track? *again with the shruggage*
@AlexFromPR also said she would be updating her blog today, to post about all the 'strange questions' people have been asking her on twitter... Hopefully this mean more clues to the whole Heiti thing.

Has anyone got a reply from Spectrin/Sara K yet?
I emailed sarak, saying I wanted to hire their company, but have not received a response yet. Also asked for the tips sheet, so we will see if it goes anywhere.
Coming late to the game, but abso-freakin-lutly lovin'
it... Ummm, has anyone noticed the "Spectres" in some of the photos on the case files at Spectrin?

1847: CASE 23H02. CLOSED. [train] - there's someone standing on the catwalk thing above the train, plus there's like a distorted area of the mist/steam/fog to the right of the train.

1983: CASE 6612D-2; CLOSED. [street] - the ghostly figure in the middle of the street.

It wasn't until I was going over the photos a second time, that I noticed most of that... including the guy in the hospital photo with the scars/hole/growth on his lowerback

Yeah... I'm just grasping at straws...
We all are, Avarice, we all are.
I can't get ditchthetech to work - I guess I don't have the right plugins in my browser?
Um, did the ditchthetech peeps just get killed? Also, this is starting to feel like the Nine Inch Nails ARG for Year Zero.
Eek, got to work, that doesn't sound good for that poor girl.

I think we need a hashtag to try to keep the discussions on this together on twitter so it's possible to follow what the hell is going on. I suggest #heiti - something tells me it's key...
I just checked and the client login form is up now at!
If it's a client login... I was thinking maybe the login/password could be one of the case numbers OR maybe 69B 478 was the missing girl's case number (assuming she was a client) Does anyone know WHY 69B 478 was the correct login for wipethefuture?
property of Mr Gordo said:
Does anyone know WHY 69B 478 was the correct login for wipethefuture?

no idea, just something I've noticed:
69B 478
69 before 78
@property of Mr Gordo - the 69b and 478 codes were taken from information on twitter supplied by alex in the city. She was talking about bus routes and the codes were extracted from those clues. - Not by me. Much bigger brains did the heavy lifting with that one.
Is there something else in the codings or something on the Spectrin web page? I wonder because of all the links specifying an online contact FORM, then leading to just an e-mail address. Or maybe I'm just too pedantic for my own good.
@Coleberg - so far we know that "Heiti" is key.

If you access the terms and conditions element of the Spectrin website, right at the bottom of the page, there is a client log in account feature. Although where the headline titles are there is also a small image of four blue squares (far right) and that will provide the same function. As to the new codes I don't know. Alex in The City has promised us some photographs tomorrow so I think there will be further clues then.
Sorry, as Confucius never said, poor jargon come from mouth of imbecile. By codings I meant the setup of the web page, that's not the right term, source code? Wherever the thing about civilisation being destroyed in 2019 was found on the ditchthetech website. But in Spectrin.

I can't find the login on the terms and conditions page (found the one in the top bar), just curious if there's any clue in the extra link.
Someone at another message board found the login:

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I can't seem to get to the Client Login page. I keep getting a message that says:

Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)

Any ideas?
wow! used the name and password ithilien indicated, and found Sarah's notes from an investigation in Akranes. No word on Heiti, but some interesting stuff about people seeming possessed, taking on other personalities, and tattooing themselves.

Check it out for yourselves, see what you think. This whole viral game is really heating up! :)
You'll have to make an exception to your browser's security settings to accept a self-signed certificate from that site.
@Glorificus "Heiti" is the name of the Arkanes branch office.

Looks like someone had a return call from Spectrum and received the following message.

"Thank you for calling Spectrin LLC. Your call was important to us. All of our agents will be busy, please stay on the line. Due to heavier than expected call volumes, your call will be answered last Tuesday at 10:54AM."
@viewingfigures Where was there a contact number for Spectrin?

Also this whole thing creepifying yet extremely entertaining!
@Property of Mr Gordo If you look at the bottom of the Spectrin site you will see "terms and conditions" click on that and you will be lead to an area where the phone number is listed.
Am I getting a different terms and conditions page? There's no e-mail link or phone number on as I see it.
@Coleberg and Property of - Doh. My bad. I thought that was where I had seen it - I think I have been going slightly mad following all the links. The best I can offer is that I must have seen the number on one of the many messages going back and forth on twitter. Don't know where. Sorry.
I'm not seeing a phone number, either.
What's really blowing my mind is that if you look on the Wayback Machine at, the Spectrin website really does seem to have existed, more or less in its current form, since 2004 or 2005. Either someone went to a lot of trouble to get this company to look older, or this project has been in the works for a strangely long time. I'm a little freaked out.
Whoa. How amazing is this!

Alex in the City has had a couple of replies to her last blog which bear checking out.

The company that set up The Spectrin account on the Wayback Machine quoted in the post by ithilien leads to yet another website and yet another telephone number. (I'm on that page as I type this - don't want to be at fault again for any errant number searches.)
ithilien That's so weird!!! The confusion is hurting my head... Wonder what comes next.

Edit: Also for those who were looking for the (seemingly non-existant) online contact form... There used to be one on there back in 2004 (again with the freaky-ness) though I doubt it would work now.

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Tried the online contact form from 2004 and it brought me to a page that said it wasn't archived. the other website isn't coming up for me. i assume b/c I don't have flash 5. Anyone have that number to call?
Has anyone else tried emailing Rossum yet? I tried the 'contact' number, but haven't tried PR yet.
@cinnamon_clover: Yeah, I emailed Rossum yesterday, but I haven't heard anything back yet.
So yesterday I emailed Sara at Spectrin the following:

Subject: Staves

Hello Ms Kingsley,

Please provide information regarding which staves to use against possession. Thank you.

Today she responded to me:

Hello, Ilion!

Thank you for contacting me, though I am quite a bit baffled as to why. Your subject line is Staves...I find it odd, since 'staves' are Icelandic runes that can be used for all manner of things. The stave that you're inquiring about can be found here:
Being as I have only just returned from an investigation in Iceland that involved both staves and botany, it's troubling. I've been recieving a ton of email alluding to Iceland over the past few days, and as I have only just returned to my computer, you can understand why I am a bit overwhelmed. I am currently organizing and uploading the notes from my trip. Since I have over 6 days of diary entries and research to sort through, this shall take me a while. If you have further information regarding the Aegishjalmr, please get in touch!
Sara Kingsley
Emeritus Investigator
Clients: now just has a black screen with the words: POWER MATTERS.
@ ilion how interesting!

not specifically related to the ARG, but my Dad brought me back a necklace with an Aegishjalmr pendant when he traveled to Iceland last year. I thought it looked like a snowflake, but my Dad (also a Whedon fan) explained it meant protection from demons and evil forces. Cool that it'a now a clue in the Whedonverse! :) Gave me a new reason to wear it!

@AlexfromPR has just posted on twitter that Rossum's new tv spot is on this week
viewingfigures I have a feeling these 'TV spots' will show up here in the land of web sometime soon.

Also coincidently @SENDanielPerrin also tweeted about (his dislike of) Rossum adverts a few days ago.
@property of Mr Gordo - have you tried the link suggested by ilithien above at , regarding the Wayback Machine?

I tried to recreate the link but failed but it was posted yesterday at 22:45

The clue I found there by one of the dates highlighted by an asterisk took me to another website and that was when my brain melted.
@viewingfigures What was the other website that you found?
@glorificus314 - the website is called it is amazing.

Remember how excited everyone got over the Rossum website and now Alex in the City is chock full of info. Well...

How do I know it's connected? Look who some of their clients are. Also look for .

Let me know how you get on. I'm still a quivering wreck.
@viewingfigures I think that might be a legit media company. I'm really not seeing anything there.
@ ilion - it was the way I found the website that made me suspicious. Also go to the "about" and then "experience" part of their webite and look at their client list. There should be a very familiar name.

If I am just fumbling about in the dark it seems like a bizarre co-incidence. Plus I do think the figures on the mobile phone packaging look familiarish.

I also tried emailing the company but I'm outside the U.S. and when I emailed earlier in the game I didn't get a response. There is a phone number for within the States.

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@viewingfigures Woah! I can easily see how you'd be overwhelmed! Already a few suspicious clients, can it be possible all of these companies were constructed for and relate to the Dollhouse? Crazy!

Do you think Arachnocraft is the company where Alex in the City works?

Jeez, not only is this site huge, it looks really legit! I keep thinking I'm being played, that this company is real, and has nothing to do with the show... and then I find stuff like this:
Hidden (highlight to read):
if you look at the photgraphy section, alex in the city's "uptown" photograph is there, and I seriously got a chill when I saw the picture of a junkyard-version imprint chair.

@illion, that was my first impression too, but once you do some digging, a lot of the wording and such seem very connected to the ARG. Creepy stuff!

@viewingfigures I'll keep sorting through all this, and let you know what I find!
@viewingfigures I went through the I didn't see anything unusual, though. What were you referring to?
I couldn't even find .

ETA: And the .

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@glorificous - um, this is going to sound weird and I think my brain is being messed with. First off there was a link to within the client list that has vanished. And the wording on the website has been updated since last I looked. Although did you still catch one of the names of the performers?

However I also tried that old link I refered to previously in a message by ithilien and it still led me back to a page of Wayback Machine. .
@wisengrund If you look here,
@viewingfigures, I found the There was also some wording that seemed pointed throughout the site.

I'm still not sure who you were referring to
@glorificus314 - on the subject of that

I feel like someone is trying to freak me out.

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@viewingfigures - i definitley think i'm missing something, lol.

Hah! you're right! It's gone now! It was there an hour ago! This is crazy!

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I just left a voice mail at asking for more information about their services, past clients and photography.
@glorificus314 - I just thought
posted by viewingfigures - November 16, 23:33 CET

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I do believe arachnocraft isn't part of the ARG portion of the game - just for info. They're a legit company with legit clients so you might be barking up the wrong tree there.
On the Arachnocraft website, on the Meet & Greet page, the image in the banner looks just like a pic on @AlexfromPR's blog.
yeah, gossi, i'm not sure why a legit company would have an extremely basic cell phone voice mail system for it's contact number. It didn't even say what the company was, just the phone number.

Also, has changed again -- now it just says:

Rossum corp has an employee access, but when I click on it, it just says 'Disk full'. Anyone gotten any further?

Yesterday on that same Rossum Website it gave an actual log in page and there was a place to enter username and password and an additional link to request a new password. Seems to now be reading Disk Full as you said.
Hmm, been doing some digging, and looking into Dessy (creator of Arachnocraft).

I found this creepy link while googling Arachnocraft, a white page that just says in the header "move along." The site is: , and the google descrip. clearly links Dessy to Arachnocraft to the page.

Also, found on the UnFiction forums, someone dug deeper into Dessy's site, and found this:
Wah. Wipe the future has changed again - it now has a login screen and needs a password.
Anyone else think that @AlexfromPR's note from "Matt" has something to do with the username/password at WTF? (heehee) He signed it "#Matt", which strikes me as weird.
If no one has figured it out yet...


Sorry! The password should be lower case.

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I've linked to this thread on the sidebar at the front page as to make it easier for people to find. So this might as well be the official ARG thread for the time being.
That username/password does not work for me.
Oh, lower case on the password.
So that username and password gets us . . .

And at the bottom of the page, in letters so dark you can barely see them:

Any theories on what it means? I'm mystified . . . but at least the website is aptly named. WTF, indeed. :-)
Well, it's an anagram for .
Some clever folk on twitter have worked out that this game is blowing my mind it's so awesome.
@The One True B!x. LMAO. Plus coughing fit, so, well done for that my son.
I got nothing for the anagram :( And I'm so confused in all this, never even really understood where the dendronium came from...
Has someone figured out how to crack the Rossum login? I apologize if I ask about yesterday's news, but this is all a little mind-boggling for me. BUT crazy fun! Will we find out who's behind all this?
I saw someone tweet to AlexFromPR. It just said "Dendrobium?" so I guessed that...

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Hey Carnelionne - dendronium was Alex's fav flower from the bouquet Matt sent her. She specifically mentioned it on twitter (orchid). I haven't figured out how to crack the rossum login yet either....I think it must have something to do with the recipe on wipethefuture, just like the prior password-protected info on wipethefuture led to spectrin login. But I could be horribly mistaken.
Is this the recipe used for the birthmarks?
OK, I'm jumping in here. My thought on the new piece...

Just a thought...
Someone on Twitter figured out the login info to Rossim. Here is the one they uncovered:

So interesting!
I think the "cuts on." part does refer to Tuscon. After that appeared on WTF, many people asked her about Tuscon and now she says "i'm considering flying out tomorrow to investigate."

And I've forgotten how Spectrin has been involved in all of this. What has the site led us to (besides Sara)?

Frakking typos...

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You can only access the Tokyo house with that login, but the info there is interesting/creepy.
Possible anagram within the game. It may not be but suggestions in the meantime. Clue, if that's what it is was given minutes ago. So you decide.

One of the pics on the Tokyo site has a room #,
NO one's commenting here about the game but there is a new video on Scary stuff.
Not sure if this has been brought up but some great Nancy Drew types at Unfiction figured out it's WhyIWatch behind the ARG, which can be seen here, here, and here. So, nice job to her.
i can't log in at Spectrin anymore with user: sarak and password: nomdeplume ...does anyone know the new user/password?
I have a new login for
username: #matt
password: imtrulysorry
The ARG has now ended, according to DitchTheTech. For those of you like myself, who want to catch up on what happened, you can follow it at the UnFiction forum. Many thanks to WhyIWatch and everyone who was behind the ARG and those who doggedly followed the clues!! It was great fun. :)

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