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November 13 2009

Mountains May Crumble But Not Chiwetel Ejiofor. Salon's Stephanie Zacharek doesn't like "2012" but by gum, she likes Chiwetel Ejiofor: "The movie's most spectacular special effect is an actor. As far as I can recall, Ejiofor has never given a bad performance, although near the end of "2012" Emmerich, surely unwittingly, challenges that record". Seattle PI's review says "I've shouted it from the mountaintops over the past decade: get J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon to look at every script where the production budget surges over $150 million! It should just be a Hollywood law".

Agreed. Chiwetel Ejiofor took his role the most seriously. His scenes could have been from a serious film. I admired that he brought that kind of performance to a role that maybe didn't deserve it. The lighter scenes with Cusack et al were good too, but the variation was a strength.
I added Snugel's link to this entry .
I enjoyed 2012, it was a bit hokey, but what end-of-the-world movie isn't?

And MAN was it a tear jerker. I have never cried that much in a disaster movie.

Chiwetel Ejofor needs to be the next Oscar winning leading man. STAT!
I wont go see Roland Emmerich's films anymore since I read about his cowardice regarding the religious holy sites that would and wouldn't be destroyed in this film. When an artist lets outside parties dictate the content of their artwork, they cease to be true artists, IMO. ("Notes" from a producer or studio exec are one thing but proudly admitting to fear as a motivation to change your movie is a different animal altogether.)

However I'm happy to hear the great reviews for Chiwetel.
The Rockies may tumble, Gibraltar may crumble, but Ejiofor, thank God, is here to stay.

I certainly hope so, though I'm not much interested in this film.

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