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November 13 2009

Quick Sporcle Quiz for Firefly Fans. It's a short online quiz matching the actors to the characters they played on the show.

Rats. What's Nathan Fillion's character called again?
Bonus answers, yay.

p.s. the quiz isn't working. I typed 'Caleb' again and again and nothing happened :(

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There's a Buffy quiz available too.
If you do a search, there are a lot of quizzes on the Whedonverse.
bahahaha who thought this would be a challenge????
bring on the next crossword already!!!! - going to do this one now... fingers crossed it's better!

This quiz makes me sad :(
46 seconds . . . sad. I should have been able to do that faster.
Sporcle is an awesome site, lots of Whedonverse quizzes available in the published or the user contributed sections. Plus Eliza Dushku posted a while ago about being addicted to it on her Twitter account.
I do love Sporcle (I mean, any site having a 'countries of the world' quiz deserves a spot in my bookmarks :)), but this was too easy. Also: I did not see the bonus questions. Was the quiz changed?

ETA: just tried this one, with Firefly and Serenity planets. Actually couldn't quite get all of 'em. Heh. Puts things in perspective ;)

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To get bonus answers you just type them in and they will show up at the bottom, you won't see them until you get them right.

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