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November 13 2009

"The Coverup" co-starring Eliza Dushku. Check out the poster for next year's "The Coverup," co-starring our leading doll alongside Gabriel Mann.

Hopefully it's better than The Alphabet Killer. I love Eliza but I couldn't even get through that.
She's not the best actress, to be perfectly honest.
Excellent, I loved "True Lies" 'bout time they made a sequel.

... What ?

(and I actually thought 'The Alphabet Killer' was pretty interesting for the first hour or so, I liked the dour, naturalistic semi-docu-style of it. Then they blew it with the ridiculous denouement)
I never heard of The Coverup. Did it have a working title before? I watch all of Eliza's movies as soon as they come out. Mostly, over the years she hasn't made the best choices, but I love her so much I'll watch anything she's in. Even if it's Tru Calling.
It used to be called The Thacker Case, danielgm. She filmed it in December '07 during the writer's strike. I'm in the same exact boat you're in with Eliza. I'll watch anything she's in, no matter how bad it is. The biggest reason I'm sad about Dollhouse's cancellation is because I don't want Eliza to go back to making all those awful films again. I know Joss will always have good projects, but poor Eliza! She either doesn't make good choices or she has really terrible luck with films not turning out as well as she thought they would.
I completely agree with you Aphrodite, I love that Eliza is in something so quality again. Like you said, Joss will always make great things, it's Eliza that is really out of luck with Dollhouse's cancellation. Let's hope that live action Wet movie happens, and that it's actually good, or else I'm prepared to have to suffer through even more droll work just to see Eliza again.
I had wet. If the game was as good as the movie, it wouldn't be very good at all. Let's hope they use the game as a basic premise and do some serious creative work with it.
As far as I can tell, Eliza seems to take certain projects for certain reasons, maybe not necessarily because of the scripts. In the case of The Alphabet Killer, she got to play a homicide detective with schizophrenia, and she got to work with Rob Shmidt again (Wrong Turn). Filming Open Graves afforded her the opportunity to go to Spain and party on the beach. :)

Personally, I rather enjoyed Nobel Son and Bottle Shock, both made by the same team. I would recommend Sex and Breakfast, though I wish it had been more of a comedy, instead of a drama. I'd love to see Eliza do more comedy.
I noticed that too about Eliza's choices, kungfubear. It's just frustrating as a fan that while there were some good reasons to take on a film, it's still not a good film and it's not going to advance her career any. Hopefully Dollhouse will have given her some extra boost in Hollywood to get to do the things she wants to do but in better films.

I enjoyed Sex & Breakfast and Bottle Shock as well. Anyone seen On Broadway? I thought that one was really sweet, wonderful, and well done. Nobel Son wasn't really my thing, but I loved City Hall and wished she'd had more scenes. That's another thing, it's also frustrating that she went from the star of her own TV show with Tru Calling to being 5th billed in ensemble indie films. It's been nice having Eliza in the lead role again for a change.

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