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November 13 2009

(SPOILER) Gina Torres guesting on Vampire Diaries. She'll be appearing in Episode 10. (Some minor character/plot spoilers, I think...I don't watch the show.)

She's in everyyyything. For serious.
Would that she were.

So, did this get any better after episode 3 or 4 (whichever one I stopped watching at) ? Cos I have to draw a line somewhere, even for Gina ;).
The possibility that Gina Torres will be on two channels at the same time is pretty nifty.
It's a good show! Like the Buffy of my generation. Except there's no kickass slayer. :|
I echo Saje, except I didn't watch past the second ep. Did it get any better?
I remember the first time I ever saw Gina, it was on Alias. Her character was awesome.
I am loving VD, the best vamp show on the air. Each ep just gets better and better. Can't hardly wait for the DVD so I can delete them off my DVR.
I have a hair appointment that day...
(lurrrrvee me some Gina, hate the show with a fiery passionpop)
I hope she kills everyone on the show, brings Mal on and then he buys a starship class: Firefly and then go to space. Also travel into the future.
I watched this show not expecting much (as I really wasn't a fan of Dawson's Creek), and found that I enjoyed it. It's nothing spectacular, but I like the two main vamps, Stefan (who reminds me somewhat of Angel during his Buffy days)and Damon. Not crazy about the leading lady, however; then again, very few leading ladies manage to win me over (I can pretty much count them on one hand).

The plot is interesting and the writers REALLY aren't afraid to takes risks, which is fantastic. SOME of the characters, however, need fleshing out (IMHO), and come off as sort of wooden. I'll stick with watching this show for a bit, however, and am excited to see Gina! I've loved her since she was a guest star on Hercules and Xena. I still have my VHS tapes of the original airings of those eps!
The leading lady seemed like a robot. A little dull like Liz was on Roswell (hey, there were some good actors in that series, but they didn't include Shiri Appleby), maybe worse than Liz. I dunno, only watched the first ep. It hit every cliche in the book and provided little reason to go back. A little eye candy, that's it.

I talked to a friend of mine who watches some good stuff, some soapier stuff (she watches the new 90210 and Melrose Place because she was obsessed with the originals--doesn't like the new 90210, but claims Melrose Place is "goooood"). She says a lot in Vamp Diaries doesn't make sense. The main (good) vamp had a chance to kill off the bad brother (Boone from Lost--hoping they do kill him off, so he's freed up for any required final season flashbacks or resurrections or impersonations-by-Smokey). But he staked him beside the heart instead because he wasn't ready or something. Meanwhile the bad brother vamp keeps killing folks in town and the good brother knows about it. This isn't True Blood, where there're vamp laws about killing other vamps, so yeah, it sounds like a bit of a head-scratcher/plot contrivance.
Kris, I agree with you on the Shiri Appleby comparison. That's exactly who Elena reminds me of. Bo-ring.

I do watch VD, and I rather like it. The leads Elena and Stefan are dull as toast, but Ian Somerhalder's bitchy psychotic performance more than makes up for it. It has some awesome plot twists, and mostly it's just a lot of campy fun. Nothing I'd take seriously, but I enjoy watching it.
Yay Gina!

I actually am really enjoying Vampire Diaries. It's no Buffy (but what is really?) It has enough story twists to keep me very interested. And, there's enough of those kinds of twists to keep you THINKING (which, for a hot teen TV show... is unique).

I personally think it just needs some more of the funny and it'd be better.

I'm excited to see more.
Still watching Vampire Diaries, which did improve some after the first few episodes... still not great, but I watch it live and DVR FlashForward. The Elena-Stefan romance is still the weakest part. Ian Somherholder keeps Damon very interesting, and I like the larger story of the town's history fighting vampires. Show definitely has some darkness to it as well. Looking forward to seeing Gina on there.

I'm more interested in Gina Torres' part on FlashForward though, since Courtney B. Vance plays my favorite character on that show.
Yes, but there was no sign of Gina at all on episode 10.(Yes, I have watched every ep since it first aired, still hoping something happens! The adults/parental units are so such a disappointment in this show.)
Maybe, if the show comes back second season, she will appear.

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