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November 14 2009

Dr. Horrible inspires Germans. It seems that once again life is imitating art in this video on the BBC News website. So everyone be careful with your wonderflonium now.

This was already done before Horrible, e.g. in the Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" with a (German) BMW car.
Their phone is making my phone look dumb.
Anuris, you know that Bond movies are fiction, right?

I'd seen this about a week ago, but hadn't thought to post it. Cool stuff.
I'm sure I saw Lewis Hamilton drive a McLaren F1 car this way a while ago.

Here, though since it was done as an ad for Vodaphone it may have been faked. Lewis started driving with RC cars so it would have been familiar to him.
Mercenary: Yes I know the Bond movies are just a fiction. Duh. But that wasn't my point. I wanted to say that even if the actual remotely controlled car seen in the linked video was inspired by some TV show or movie, it didn't have to be Dr. Horrible, because it was already done before for example in the mentioned Bond movie, which was filmed about 10 years before Horrible.

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I'm actually curious as to why this hasn't been tried before. The robotics have been there for quite some time and I'm pretty sure they've done the same thing with radio signals.

Must be the first time they've done it with an iPhone.
James Bond didn't do it with an iPhone. He used a wristwatch, didn't he? Pfft - who wears watches in the age of wonderflonium...
I could have sworn this'd been posted but apparently not as I can't find it. I must have assumed it because this is weeks old and so just assumed it must've gotten here already, heh.
B!x - me and dev must have missed it before, because it made us laugh this morning whilst watching the BBC. We're so behind!

Nah. 007 definitely had a phone. Only it was an old style Nokia housebrick not an iPhone.

Mind you it did have a built in taser! Do iPhones do that App yet? I'm just asking because I have given some thought to investing in one and that could tip the balance.

Also isn't there a tiny little thing within the law that says you shouldn't use your mobile whilst driving?
Nifty! But I hope nobody's attached to their trunk space... Although, I guess you could put your groceries in the driver's seat since you won't be in it.

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