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November 14 2009

The next stage in the Dollhouse ARG. It all started with leaks of Rossum internal memos. Now there is a new company involved, Spectrin. Is this the end? Or a new start?

Joss Whedon fans on twitter have found themselves receiving messages from @AlexfromPR and the Rossum Corporation. Within these messages are hidden access codes and links to further websites. The knowledgetoday website has a theory.

A game. That hadn't occured to me. I was thinking movies, tv, and web series. That sounds kinda disa-...interesting.
Yeah I'm with you Xantastic1316. I was really getting into the idea of a Temporal Displacement Investigation Agency. I was imagining a new web/cable series rising phoenix like out of the burnt embers of the Dollhouse.

But, so long as it is designed as a quirky game to get me to that point, then that is damn fine too.

BTW - (WTF? - WipetheFuture) - you do make me laugh. I hadn't clocked that one.
I didn't notice until I considered abbreviating it but I noticed I'd be talking about the WTF site, and then I'm like, whoah, best not.

I'm sure an ARG will be quite nice, but if it had to be a game, why not the Firefly and/or Buffy we've all been hoping for?

Or could this somehow encompass everything?

Or could this person be blundering as well?
I changed the title as to avoid confusion. As all this fun and games is simply an ARG, nothing more nothing less.

Have to say, a lot of effort has been put into it. A lot better than the Mrk 1 and Mrk 2 ARGs.
This is just an ARG. No connection to Joss' further projects, so please don't find connections where there aren't any.
If this isn't leading into something more, then what's the point? Games are all fun and good, but it seems a bit pointless building one around a terminally ill TV show. =\
i think the point is to have fun and enjoy the Dollhouse universe. also to keep thinking & talking about the show so that there is still viewership for the next 9 episodes.
Yeah, ARG's were around before they were used as viral marketing. I say we enjoy what is clearly a lovingly-created game for itself!
ARG Alternate Reality Game
I know my initial reaction was a bit "Grr ARG!" but I am loving this game. I was just clutching at straws for the continuation of the show.

And I second Septimus, it is clearly created with love.

The references to Joss' work, including Dollhouse, have been so well thought out. Cross referencing P.T. De Chardin with Alpha's desire to create Ubermensch for example.

BTW @AlexfromPR has confirmed that "Heiti" is the actual name of the Arkanes Dollhouse and promises to try to post some pictures.

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Is there somewhere (other than here) where people involved in this investigation are communicating what they've found out? At the moment I feel very lost.
I know there are people on LiveJournal and Twitter talking about it. If you google some of the key words, it should come up.
I think we need a hashtag to try to keep the discussions on this together on twitter so it's possible to follow what the hell is going on. None of the discussions so far seem to be using one. I suggest #heiti - something tells me it's key...
@max_bell has now received a tips sheet.
If you can get to the client log in at Spectrin- the user name is sarak and the passcode nomdeplume.
I Emailed Sara at Spectrin and I recieved a PDF tips sheet. This was the tips:

When approaching issues of sensitive nature, it is important to understand the risks. The
following are generic tips that address most commonly-encountered problems.

>Always carry salt when traveling.
>If unwanted entities address you, it is best to ignore them.
>Do not enter unsecured quarters after 2 a.m.
>In cases where persons appear different, staves have sometimes proven helpful.
>Do not write down passwords or incantations.
>Harsh climates may contribute to adverse behavior.
>Time is fluid.
>The pen is mightier than the sword.

Should you have specific questions, please contact us directly.

Now there must be a clue in there somewhere, i just don't know where yet....
In Sara Kingsley's notes, she mentions both the adverse weather, and "staves" or runes. There is a diagram with a few runes, also. I'm sure the "time is fluid" and "the pen is mightier than the sword" bit are probably meaningful. I think we have to wait to find out what to do next.
@AlexFromPR said she'd try to get Rossum to release info about their Heiti, Akranes branch on Monday. I think we might be stuck until then.
She mentions staves being used as tattoos. Could the pen in this case refer to the tattooing instrument?

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