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November 14 2009

FUCKYEAHJOSSVERSE. 'Fuckyeah'-blogs are a subgenre of single-themed blogs that worship at the altar of their chosen subject, in this case: all things Joss.

More 'Fuckyeah'-blogs. Slate discusses the genre in their article "Hipsters, Tempura Burgers, and Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves".

That Xander doll is just disturbing.
I'm a follower of, fuckyeahnathanfillion, fuckyeahfirefly, fuckyeahsunnydale, browncoats.tumblr, fuckyeahbuffy, fuckyeahbuffyandangel (I'm a big fan of the genre in general.)
And whoa there - check out these equally disturbing Dollhouse... "Dolls." Especially the "Sierra" Doll in the throes of "Printy".

Fuck. Um, yeah?
This may be my favorite post on the black. Like, fucking ever.

Tumblrs I was already following: FuckYeahGLEE, and FuckYeahRED (for Christina Hendricks; this title is also my new name for the MAD MEN S3 finale).

Tumblrs I will probably follow now thanks to this post: FuckYeahSharks, and FuckYeahVoldemort.
This article is disturbing either that or l'm not getting it.
check out these equally disturbing Dollhouse... "Dolls."

Ummmm, indeed. Not really a fan of dolls, per se.
Fucking pottymouths.
The fact that there is a fuckyeahexistentialism blog restores my faith in humanity.
I still don't understand exactly what these things are. I feel as if the pictures should have some sort of subtitle that has to do with the 'fuck yeah' mentality, otherwise isn't it just...a collection of pictures?
I was expecting captions too since those are the best part of the fuckyeah blog I've enjoyed reading the most. That one seems atypical though.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, just saw the Xander doll, Simon mentioned. Carry on while I try to look for my nerve medicine.
fuckyeahfucking (yeah, I went there. But only so you don't have to ;)

I absolutely don't see the point of these, one of the more random things the net's birthed (OK some of the captioned pics were funny but the uncaptioned pics are just pics. WTF ?).

(seen the Dollhouse dolls before. Weird but well made. Can't find the Xander one)
Nolan, I defined fuckyeah blogs in the description of the post AND provided a link to a Slate article discussing the genre.
Oh wow. Umm, thanks ?
Pfff, that Xander doll is no weirder than some of the other themed action figures that've officially been put out (Bunny-costume-Anya, Sombrero-Giles, anyone ?). I kinda forgot about that bit from the Season 4 premiere, so, well...creative of them to imagine what it might've looked like.

Heh, Xander as a fill-in stripper. Still funny. He says he was able to buy a less rusty car after, so he must've done okay with entertaining the ladies that night (or do strip clubs pay male strippers especially well to begin with ? I know someone here has to know the answer to that, but I don't expect them to speak up, heh).

Although the gold speedo-thing/square-cut boxer-briefs thing (I don't know my underwear exactly, sorry)...those're kinda wrong. And also remind me of what the title character wore in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Very strange stuff. The Xander doll is indeed disturbing, but the Sierra doll is just plain sick.
I've always found action figures kinda disturbing anyhow, but that one is the bottom of the bad taste barrel.
Let's just say that Milton Berle has nothing on the Xander doll, and that's only one thing about it that just creeps me out.
That Xander one is pretty freaky (good? bad?) but overall I've had a fun 15 minutes browsing that site. I may possibly covet the dead-Kendra one. Also, on the theme of naked-Xander there is also this Go Fish one.
How did I miss this thread? My favorite word ever. Ever.

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