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November 14 2009

TV Gal's pick for most charming man in prime time. Who else agrees?

Absolutely spot on. :)
I 100% agree.
Fun to see mention of Riggins and Di- er, Don, though I don't think Sawyer is the least bit charming. Go Nathan!!!
Nathan, all the way. As Hijinks Ensue said of Alan Tudyk: "He's like bacon bits. He makes everything better."
Couldn't agree more. Without the Fillion magic, Castle is just another procedural with a gimmick, that I wouldn't be watching.

ETA: If you scroll down to "Quotes of the Week", the absolute best is from the season finale of Mad Men. (But probably lost on anyone who hasn't followed the show).

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I never got into Mad Men and I don't even know what The Prisoner is, but I am pretty sure Nathan beats everybody else by miles. I watch a lot of tv shows and I harbor a lot of crushes on male leads, but nobody does charming like Nathan does.
And Castle is the one current show (besides Burn Notice) that I can endlessly rewatch without it getting boring. All thanks to Nathan's charms. :-) It's about time the general public acknowledges his awesomeness.
sorry ... not me ... Booth on Bones is my pick ...

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SO not surprised. :D

(and I don't even watch Castle...plz don't hate me!)

Also in agreement over Booth...can't they both win?
I wholeheartedly disagree - the perfect role for Nathan Fillion was Mal!!! That said, I do agree that he is the most charming man on tv and Castle without him wouldn't be worth watching! And if he can't be Mal, Castle is a good second choice!
Agreed. I would not have started to watch Castle if not for Fillion and I would not continue to watch if he wasn't on it.
I completely agree. As much as I love David on Bones, I do believe theoretically someone else could play that role. (Don't shoot!) Castle would have sunk without Nathan playing the lead. He treads a very fine line between smarmy and lovable. I would equate it with Hugh Laurie on House: they both have to play very nuanced roles. Laurie's treads the line between curmudgeon and a*hole...
I got behind on watching Castle, but from what I've seen, while Castle has a good heart, his charming-ness is diluted by his deviousness, and yet, he's just not dark enough for me to thoroughly enjoy. Mal was. I haven't kept up with Bones either (always, there is something conflicting on those nights I have to defer to), but have a soft spot for David. To me, Sawyer is more endearing than charming (it must be those nicknames he gives everyone, and ability to judge their kissing scrumptiousness: "You taste like strawberries"), and Gregory House is more lost soul you want to alternately save or bitch slap 'til he cries (what he did in the "Kutner" episode made me see red). So no, I can't totally jump on the bandwagon. I'm also still pining for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of the defunct show, Amsterdam. There's also Bill Compton, a Southern gentleman before he got targeted as a vampire, and he retains that charm to a certain extent. There's my versions of charming lined up. ETA, Yes, I know HBO is not network TV, but True Blood is prime time to me.

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