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November 14 2009

Olivia Williams on some upcoming projects. Another rather broad interview with Ms. Williams. Apparently she had heard of Joss because she used to watch a program that aired after Buffy and would see his name on the credits. :D.

"You'd bloody think that, wouldn't you? But even when you're in the middle of a 13-parter, the studio system manages to make you feel like at any moment you could be thrown out and your bags thrown after you, that the limousine will be turned into a pumpkin and that you will be publically humiliated in some way."

Damn shame we won't have her on our screens much longer.
We were given what is known as the 'Friday Death Slot'

I'd pay money to hear her say this out loud. DVD extra?
She's going to be in The Ghost? Excellent.
I always forget that she was Bruce Willis' wife in The Sixth Sense, I keep remembering her as Madelaine Stowe for some reason. Goddamn that cast was excellent. The final scenes between Haley Joel Osment and Toni Colette (looking way different from her United States of Tara role), then Willis and Williams...gutpunch.

Never saw The Postman. Was Williams good in it ?

Didn't know about The Ghost until looking it up just now, but wow, another killer cast.
She's so great. I've really warmed up to Adelle since Epitaph One showed what she could be and it's starting to show. Williams' delivery in the scenes with Topher and that scumbag in her office were great.

Speaking of after Buffy shows, I was wondering what, other than Angel, aired at 9pm Tuesday nights. I don't remember caring then, don't know why I care now, it just came to mind the other day.
Kris, I think The Postman is underrated, actually. Sure, it's deeply goofy at points, and way too long, but it has its moments. Williams is a really lovely presence, and it features the perennially underused Will Patton as the villain. I wouldn't rent it expecting a cinematic masterpiece or anything, but if you go in with the right frame of mind, it's a fun movie.
Cool, thanks, I'll check it out some day.

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