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November 15 2009

Castle S1 DVD on Sale for $14.99 & $17.49 Target for $14.99 and Best Buy for $17.49 from Nov 15th - Nov 21st.

At Target it's only available in Store. At Best Buy it's on Page 13 of the Weekly Ad. Or conduct a search for Castle and then click "On Sale".

Anonymous1 had the info on Target's sale, as well as a reminder that "Amazon has it on sale for $23.99 If you buy from Amazon, remember to use the shop link above and gets a penny or two".

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18.99 futureshop for cdns
Does anybody know whether Best Buy ship to the UK?
Or if it's likely to be released on Region 2?
That much for 10 episodes? I wouldn't buy that. :o
What do you mean that much? It's pretty damn cheap, IMO. Whether its because I'm used to the over-expensiveness of everything in the UK or because I'd be willing to pay more for Fillion, that's cheap.

Also, CASTLE, Please come to the UK! Sky1 needs your light-hearted banter.
I agree, it's a pretty good deal. Yes, there's only 17 episodes, but look how much the original price is.

Besides, 17 episodes of Castle is worth 26 episodes of most TV. :D

Castle Season 1 10 episodes. And Fillion DVD extras. Priceless.

Season 2 will have 22 episodes.
I paid $34.99 or close to that to get Castle back in September. I'll be picking up some Christmas presents for that price.
No region 2 DVD until Castle airs in UK. Hopefully, someone will pick it up in the UK.
Just read a report elsewhere on the internet that Target is selling it for $14.99.

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Amazon has it on sale for $23.99 If you buy from Amazon, remember to use the shop link above and gets a penny or two.
Thanks for the additional info Anonymous1. =) has it for $19.99, an excellent deal (as it was typically $29.99 on sale).

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