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November 16 2009

Zack Whedon announces six issue Terminator series for Dark Horse.

Calling it: on-going Horrible comic.
Calling it: He learned to make an awesome cherry cobbler.
Stop! You're both right!
Ongoing Captain Hammer comic. The cobbler is peach.
Dollhouse comic!
I vote for apple.
Well he's either the real name of the 2012 guy or secretly a DROID. Or they haven't updated on time.

ETA: Ha! I win! ;)

[ edited by Rachelkachel on 2009-11-16 06:02 ]
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it isn't always about pie. There are other very worthy baked goods it could be. Like cake. Or cookies.
He's writing a Terminator series for Dark Horse.
And it's a Terminator comic. Huh, go figure.
Oh I see, they sent it out to Twitter before updating their main page. I updated the link to the Terminator article, thanks.
NYPinTA at the risk of looking rude, shut up, it's always about pie.

In which he reminds us that the Dr. Horrible comic hits stores this week & announces he will be writing an onoing Terminator series for Dark Horse.

In the baked goods department, I vote cookies! You can never go wrong with cookies!
The thing about cookies? They can be too chewy and are rarely pie-esque... Sad, but true.
Did he outbid Joss?
Oh, sky cake. Why must you be so delicious?
Terminator comics are like brain cookies. That you can eat over and over again without ever running out of. Or getting ill or fat. Fat-free, healthy brain cookies.
@Hackaaway - Thank you very much for making me spill my coke everywhere.
Yes. Zack bid $10,001. Don't you hate it when people do that on The Price Is Right :)
Oh, sky cake. Why must you be so delicious?

Dude, I just watched Patton Oswalt performing that, it was hilarious! It's like you just knew or something. :)
Can I just say, this Zack something-or-other is a pretty frakkin cool dude. He had me at "I like porno." Similarly, he had me way before that even.
Whedons are good.

Squishy, same here.
Not since actual books has there been a medium so well suited to the writer.

Haha. I loved this. Funny guy.
At first I thought it was a TSCC comic series (Season three? Eh, EH?)and got really excited. Stil cool tho.
Sounds cool, I'll keep an eye out for it. I've been wondering if Dark Horse'd bring out more Terminator, and it's neat that Zack is attached.
Is the upcoming DH comic gonna ONLY be in a comic book? They look ugly on my shelf and have no side thingy and the staples come out, so
1. Will it also be In MSDHP 5 or something?
2. This is the fourth DH comic, and Joss says he wants atleast one more so do any of you think there'll be a collection as a graphic novel?
Thanks, I know I'm weird (And I'll still amazon the comic) but I want my book =]P

[ETA: MSDHP = Myspace Dark Horse Presents ]

[ edited by DeezyG on 2009-11-16 07:21 ]
That you can eat over and over again without ever running out of. Or getting ill or fat. Fat-free, healthy brain cookies.

S'true, they're all protein, ask any zombie, I guarantee they'll put in a good word for brains.

Young Zack Whedon makin' wi' da funny [,yo]. So, is a porno comic totally out of the question ? Two birds with one stone. Just sayin'.
I'm interested, but I want to know what universe his Terminator will be set in. The Sarah Connor Chronicles universe, or the Cameron/McG universe?
I wonder how bitter Joss is that his brother gets to play around with the property before he does. Or if he plans on doing a lot of backseat writing.

And DeezyG -- First I'm a little curious about your reading habits that the staples are popping out in them? Anyway, I assume the Terminator comics will be released but with Dark Horse I've mostly seen them come out with omnibus type versions for licensed properties which may make you buy an edition filled with other writers that happened to be published sequentially (or chronologically of when the story took place sometimes.)

Wait, I just realized DH meant Doctor Horrible, not Dark Horse. Erm, my guess is going to be no re: MSDHP since it didn't actually appear on MySpace at any point. And by 5 did you mean issue #5 or are they already up to Vol. 5 in trade paperback? One shots tend to have too many pages to fit into even an oversized single anthology issue...

I imagine that it'll be released in trade form one day but I don't know how. It's part of a series of one-shots so they might want to try and release them all together as a sampler of all the respective series, but maybe when there's enough material down the line they might have a Dr. Horrible trade.
It's like you just knew or something.

Pay no attention to those binoculars pressed against your window. Er, I mean...yeah, Patton's awesome and these crazy people were on about pie and cookies and what-not so I just couldn't resist. =D
My guess is that it will be set in the Cameron Terminator universe not the TSCC, although I wish it was. I get the feeling that if it were the TSCC universe there would've been a lot more noise about it by now with the Reaver mentality that so many of the fans have (for any of those out there I am a huge fan also so don't get offended). Hopefully they do a TSCC comic someday.
The Terminator franchise is weird. From what I recall no one comic book company owns the rights to make comics based on all of the movies.
orangewaxlion- Firstly, my reading habits are my own buisness :) But you have a very point. And I meant the trade edition 5, beacuse four is up for preorder already. And it's not your fault, I'm always forgeting thaat DH can also mean Dollhouse so it gets confusing. I once cursed out someone for hating "JEW" songs, not knowing they meant Jimmy Eat World xD A dr. Horrible trade would rock IMHO
S'true, they're all protein, ask any zombie, I guarantee they'll put in a good word for brains.

Not to mention the burgeoning cannibal demographic.

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