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November 16 2009

The fantastic 'Last Hurrah' auction. Can't Stop The Serenity and the Californian Browncoats are auctioning off some highly desirable Whedonverse collectors items. These include a Serenity poster signed by Joss, a Dr Horrible print signed by Neil, Nathan and Felicia and a tour of the Dollhouse costume department with Shawna Trpcic.

These are nice.
Agreed Sunfire, what a great list of items!

I was particularly happy to see so many Felicia Day centric items. She's had a huge rise to fame in the last couple years and I think this is in large part to the legions of Whedon fans (and, of course, because of her awesomeness). Great to see she's supporting these fine men and women raising money for charity.
There's more Felicia Day goodness to come too - that's not the complete list... just what's in Week 1! We've got 2 weeks worth of auctiony goodness!!
Everyone's going to bid in my name so I go on the costume tour, right?

Hey wait, where is everyone going. Hello? Hello?
If you've been looking for the auction listings on eBay, you won't have much longer to wait! We're counting down the hours.

When they go live, the "Bid Soon" image next to each listing on the CSTS website Auctions page will be replaced with a "Bid Now" icon that links to the individual auction listing on eBay.

Follow @csts on Twitter for updates!
The auctions are now LIVE!! You can access them from here to bid.

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