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November 16 2009

Jane Espenson Steps Aside as Showrunner on Caprica. Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune updated her blog with a message from Jane "This is actually a pretty subtle shift of duties. Kevin is going to take over running the room so I can spend more time writing as we head toward our big first season finale."

Kevin Murphy as in Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy? That's about the best thing that could happen to this show. The pilot was horrible.
If you mean the pilot of Caprica, I (respectfully) completely disagree. I loved it. I found it emotionally engaging and mentally intriguing, and I'm really looking forward to the ongoing series.
What does the quality of the pilot have to do with this news? Jane didn't write or direct it, and she was made showrunner after its completion.

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Kevin Murphy as in Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy? That's about the best thing that could happen to this show.

If I had to guess it's more likely this Kevin Murphy.

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I loved the pilot. A little bit long in the middle, but aside from that I hope that is the road they'll be going down for the rest of the season.
If I had to guess it's more likely this Kevin Murphy.

Given that the linked article mentions 'Reaper', 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Weird Science' i'd say that's a pretty good "guess" ;).

I thought the pilot was OK. Not brilliant but well enough made, quite a solid foundation with potential. Thematically it felt like they might be going over similar ground to BSG though which, given how amazing BSG was, feels a bit redundant.

Pretty much everyone involved has a lot of credit in the bank as far as i'm concerned though so i'll definitely be giving it a chance to show me what it's got.

As to the "news" itself, it's either non-news or it's indicative of problems. Since we can't know either way, it seems pointless to speculate to me. Best just to wait and judge the show by the show rather than the press leading up to the show.

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Every time I see "Kevin Murphy," I think of MST3K too, lol!

But I hear this Kevin Murphy is just as talented, and that we should be in for a treat because not only will we continue to have Jane doing some of the heavy lifting in the writing department, but will have Kevin adding himself to the mix, too. :)
I thought the pilot was brilliant. It had just the right balance of story and emotion, and I liked the characters. I think it'll be refreshing to have some younger characters- something that wouldn't have worked on Battlestar. I agree they might have gone a little overboard with the V-club, but I see what the point of it was.

It's nice to know that Jane's passion is still writing. I can't wait for January!
Despite what she says, this saddens me. It's been a bad day.
Did anyone else see the V-club in Caprica and instantly think of Tad Williams' Otherland or was it just me? I also really can't wait for January.
It's possible this is bad news, since I've loved everything she's done that I've seen.
Then again, there is no world in which more writing by Jane Espenson is a bad thing. Plus, she IS still executive producing.
I like the pilot, but I'd rather see Jane writing. I think this is good news. Especially if she does.
I think Jane got a better (and happier) job offer elsewhere. Regardless, truly looking forward to more of her scribbables.

Damn she's good!
It could just be that showrunning is not something she enjoys. Management can be very aggravating and you have to have a certain temperament for it to be effective. And sometimes if you're really good at something, it's difficult to manage people who either aren't or don't appear to have the desire to be.

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Hey madhatter, even though the clip just says Espenson gets more time for her writing, it does specifically go on to clarify that she's doing the writing for the show still.

I dunno, it might be possible that writers have the time to divide between multiple TV projects and she has something else up her sleeve but I've kind of gotten the impression that's probably a bit difficult. I'm wiling to take it at face value that she's got more of an interest in the actual scripting versus having to try to manage the show. (Like as far as I know she was one of the few Buffy/Whedon-affiliated writers of many episodes who didn't take a shot at directing?)
Jane is an amazing writer and anyone who followed her blog knows that this is where her heart is. No bad news here, IMO.
Loved the Caprica pilot, can't wait for the series.
Agreed, Shey, Ms. Jane is all about the writing. When I heard she was show-running, I wondered if she'd actually enjoy it. She writes perfect scripts, so Caprica will be lucky to get more of them.

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