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November 16 2009

Neil Patrick Harris joins Twitter. Felicia says it is actually-really-him. Join me in following his 140 character musings.

Yay! Now, all we need to do is get Joss...
Just watch his followers rise. I want that to happen.
If anybody wants to read two amusing tweets...

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Now I'm gonna have to delete my twitter account,otherwise I might be spending all my time there trying to make him tweet me..oh, who am I kidding?! Now I'm definitely staying..!
Best. Twitter. News. Ever.
So, the Motorola Clique with MotoBlur commercial lied to me saying I could have been following NPH? And now NPH has made their lie truth. Rough last week now confusing week.
I now anxiously await The Great @NathanFillion/@ActuallyNPH Tweet War of 2009.
awesome! added to my whedonverse list
I now anxiously await The Great @NathanFillion/@ActuallyNPH Tweet War of 2009.

Yes, please! lol. They both crack me up. So exciting.
Tweet War is one of the best terms I've ever heard. It would be excellent PR if we just changed the names of our current wars to Tweet Wars, even if nothing actually changed. "When I came into office, I inherited an economy in recession, a damaged world reputation, and two Tweet Wars."
I now anxiously await The Great @NathanFillion/@ActuallyNPH Tweet War of 2009.

This made me smile so hard.
Wow. It went from 11,700ish to 12,000+ in the time it took me to read this.
14,000+ now. And just went out on CBS twitter feed.
Tweet Five?

For this... I love you, gossi. My recently-created Twitter account now follows you.
I'm doomed...I will no doubt soon embarass myself beyond repair on Twitter.
Five hours on Twitter, he's got close to 26,000 followers or over. I tweeted him I bet he'll rival that Hammer guy for bragging rights, # of followers. Neil's in DA HOUSE!
Impressive. He's at 32,360 at the moment.

I finally just jumped from 3 to 19 on my own newly created account, but it sat there for a couple of weeks where I was just talking to dead air with nobody listening. (grin)
Mike, I've been talking to (mostly) dead air on Twitter for over a year now. It's fun... or at least that's what I tell myself. *g*
Well perhaps we should all follow one another, to feel less lonely. :p

Gold star to the first one to have NPH tweet about them.
People trying to get celebrities to tweet to them or about them makes me very uncomfortable. It's like cyber stalking. And icky! IJS.
I wonder what would happen to the space-time continuum if all the Whedon actors w/accounts followed each other?

Tony has an account, too. AnthonySHead.
TamaraC, I was being dry.
Tends not to translate over text! My bad :)
His latest tweet took me about five minutes to read and (somewhat) understand. And I'm fairly experienced with people using shorthand. Maaaan.
I love that his profile picture is Dr. Horrible!
I have a feeling Dolly Parton's is run by her people, not her.

ShQ; Thanks for the Tony update

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