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November 16 2009

Alyson Hannigan and Peyton Manning commercial. Saw this commercial for Mastercard during "Castle". Seems like an odd pairing.

Saw this commercial for Mastercard during "Castle". Did a little searching, and found this article that describes it. Seems like an odd pairing. Peyton has built up the funny doofus image for commercials, but is that also true for Alyson? Dunno if this is important enough for a Whedonesque posting, but this is a pretty big commercial campaign for her.

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Well, as long as it isn't Eli, I guess I can live with this.
Hannigan being in a commercial campaign this big is pretty cool and significant. Its not that odd a pairing, though. It's only natural that Peyton Manning would be in the commercial too because, you see, he's in EVERY COMMERCIAL EVER!
Ok, I saw this ad twice tonight and had no clue that was her. I thought "Who is she? His wife? Someone I should know?" And also "What is up with her shirt?"

Guess I'll pay closer attention next time it airs.

And while we're on the subject of "What are they doing in a commercial?" - is Felicia still part of the Blue Crew? I keep waiting to see her in an ad, but usually Sears does guy ads.
it's always awesome to see Alyson H in....well anything! I like it......
Not Bernard Manning as I originally thought when I saw the headline.
Does anyone else get the feeling while watching this that she's going to suddenly burst out with "this one time at band camp..."? OK, just me then.
lol. i've seen it on the net, today actually, when I started doing my christmas shopping. Some of the suggestions are quite clever - and funny, for the "not so perfect gift". And no electricspacegirl, you are not alone.
I'd actually do my shopping if Alyson was there to tell me what to buy. "Let's get started" and then you disappear?! AH!

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As odd couple-type pairings go, this looks to be a good one. :D Peyton declared a long time ago that he hates doing "serious" commercials, so bring on the funny.

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