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November 17 2009

A Thank You Book for the Dollhouse cast and crew. If you're interested in contributing then pop over to In related news, donations and ideas for the cake are going well.

Don't anyone worry 'bout posting comments here (though thanks for posting it, Simon - interest has really picked up over at the .org since you did) - just hop on over to those threads, read about putting something in the book (no donation required ; >) and start making your own personalized message for the Dollhouse cast and crew.

People keep saying stuff to me like, "I'm not creative" or "But what would I say?", and to them I say: you're wrong, you are creative, we're born hard-wired with creativity. Think about what you like about Dollhouse and what you're gonna miss, think about your favorite episode and snag that quote that made you laugh, think about how you'd thank someone for something you've appreciated.

Most of you post on the internet, can locate Dollhouse stuff, and have a way with words. But even if you don't think you do, a simple message saying that Dollhouse meant something to you is plenty.

Please. For the children. ; >

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-11-17 20:41 ]
I added links to the two new .org threads atop the original .org cake thread. You might want to make sure the two new .org threads first posts also have links to their companion threads, so no matter where someone comes in, they can go to the others as well.
Thanks, b!X - good thinking. I haz.
Yeah but! I'm not a member of .org!

And besides which, I'm broke. The only extra $10 I have (And it's not really actually extra) I'm spending this weekend at a model horse show (for my entrants, not to buy) and I had that planned long before "Dollhouse" got sent to the Attic.

.Org (?? OK, how would you capitalise it smarty pants ?) membership is totally open ShadowQuest, anyone can join, anytime (or that used to be the case anyway). And as I understand it you can still contribute a binder page without donating (that could be your donation, time is money after all ;) and even a name for the card (but in that instance people who've donated will get priority).

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