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November 17 2009

Joss gets a lofty shout-out in the latest Penny Arcade comic. It is literally a high point.

Today's Penny Arcade, now with 75% less humor.
I don't get the joke. Pretty much don't understand any of it. Guess I'm not the target audience. Anyone care to translate?
Today's Penny Arcade, now with 75% less humor.

That would imply it had any to begin with.
XBox Live (an online gaming service for the Xbox 360) bans names they don't like. The name "Joss Weedon" is apparently supposed to be something approaching a clever play on words, with the "Weedon" part being a drug reference. Other than that, I can't help you. The genitalia references aren't funny either, IMHO.

I'm glad that comic was free. Still, I feel I was overcharged.
The names aren't supposed to be funny. They're making fun of the people who think those names are hilarious and adopt them as their logins. And Microsoft.
Sunfire has it right. The two targets of the comic are idiots on XBox Live who make up stupid drug-related names (and they are legion) and Microsoft's overly-restrictive legal control of XBox Live (and it is pretty draconian at times, though still fails to curb the aforementioned idiots' activities).

The Joss shoutout is probably due to actual fandom on their part.

I thought it was funny...
I feel sad for the poor stoner Whedon fan who is being muted and subjected to surgical procedures.

He was only trying to share his love of two happy things.
While it wasn't Our Man Whedon's level of humour, I found it to be a chuckle-worthy stab at the hordes of gamers who think they're being all cool and the like by having a Gamer Tag that makes some sort of "gangsta" reference (i.e. sex, drugs and violence) when all they actually come out looking like are silly little children who wouldn't know subtlety or wit if it pimp slapped the little doorknobs.
I love Penny Arcade. Very funny.
Yeah, didn't get it myself. Thanks for the clearing up-ness. Then again, a joke's not a joke if it has to be explained.
Well, it's not a joke to whoever needs it explaining anyway.

Not bad, not their best but 3 panels and a few speech bubbles aren't exactly a massive time investment. A mere morsel for sure but then a pile of morsels is a meal.
Most webcomics, especially aimed at such a specific audience, have fluctuating levels of humor. Sometimes they try to make a statement or a point moreso than to make you laugh. Sometimes I've never played the game they reference, and so I don't laugh. Doesn't mean the comic is disgustingly terrible, means I'm not the audience. I have quite a few of their comics saved so I can go back and laugh.
I don't usually need to have these geeky comics explained to me, but reading this topic clarified a lot. I've never actually been on Xbox Live, so that's probably why I didn't get it ;). I do usually find Penny Arcade at least amusing (unless, like now, the joke goes right past me ;))
This seems more like a webboard post with three pictures than a comic strip.

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