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November 17 2009

(SPOILER) Angel:Only Human #4 preview from Newsarama. Final part of the Gunn/Illyria miniseries is out tomorrow.

Is this mini-series worth reading?
Simon, I'd say yes. I may be a minority, but I've found it probably the best of the IDW Angel series so far. I'm not a huge comic fan, so I like the internal monologue, like you see in this preview, rather than trying to subtly communicate everything purely in art.
Very much so Simon. Great character moments for post AtF Gunn and Illyria. The usual wonderful art from Messina. And huge demons:)

The voices for Gunn and Illyria have been spot on and I think it follows on really well from where we left them after 'After the Fall'.
I've been enjoying this miniseries too.
Final part? I thought this was 5 issues.
NO - its definately 4 parts. I think when you include Angel #23 (which was the set up for the story), then it is 5 parts....but the mini itself finishes after this.
Sorry to disappoint, but #4 says, "to be concluded..." in the last panel.

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