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November 17 2009

V co-star has much love for Alan and Morena. Elizabeth Mitchell, formerly of Lost, plays FBI Agent Erica Evans on V. She admits her Browncoat nature and talks about improving with Alan, and meeting Morena for the first time.

This was a fun article, and I hope that Alan Tudyk's role is expanded (I would be happier seeing him on my TV set every week!). This morning I got to see Morena Baccarin on The View (just the last 5 minutes, if you go to watch it online) and it was great to see her getting attention from Whoopie (who loves sci-fi) and everyone!
I read that as "improving," i.e. getting better, and thought, "Oh, that's nice, Alan's helping the cast with their acting!"

Then comprehension gradually dawned.
Somewhat ironically I think it's missing a 'V' ;).

She seems lovely and it's always great to see stars of sci-fi that are also fans of sci-fi. The show's a bit of a slow burn for me at the moment but i'll watch the first 4 at the very least (Alan and Morena - how fan not watch ?).
I like the actors so much better than the show itself. But any reasonably watchable scifi on TV, is better than none.
I adore Elizabeth Mitchell in Lost. So it's great to see her so gainfully employed in V. I remember the original series too and how Faye grant turned me on to strong women. (See also Kate from Angel, Zoe from Firefly/Serenity, Faith from Buffy, Grace Jones in Conan....)

And it's nice to know that Elizabeth has an inner geek. I can't imagine who'd she'd play on Star Trek, but I can see her telling Cpt JT Kirk where to shove it.

It will be interesting to see if anymore Whedonverse peeps turn up in V as it progresses.
This just makes me love Elizabeth Mitchell even more. Any beautiful, kind, talented woman with geek cred is A-OK in my book!
I always knew Elizabeth Mitchell was awesome but I've always suspected there was a real, deeper reasoning behind the intense and sometimes manic love towards Juliet. This must be it.

It's like Kristen Bell, you wouldn't know she has such a hardcore following and is fairly nerdy herself just but looking at her Wikipedia page (though, Fanboys might make some suspect.)
I really like her, and now she got a LOT of extra cool points!
Wait, I'm still trying to wrap my mind to Morena Baccarin being a cute lizard girl person and now, you're telling me that Elizabeth Mitchell plays a tough FBI determined to bring her worlds crashing down.

Think I need a drink. So, how many cute lizard girls are there? Are you sure Joss didn't write this?
I just have to say that last night's 'V' (with 200% more Alan Tudyk!) was pretty awesome. I'm really enjoying this show even though the only characters I really care about are Inara and Wash (er, you know what I
Fascinating interview. If anyone's interested about the Hubble image she's talking about, just search for "Hubble Deep Field" I found this video on YouTube. It really is inspiring stuff.

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