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November 17 2009

Marc Blucas Gets Scary with a "Deadline". Check out the trailer and some stills from the horror-thriller "Deadline," co-starring our former ex-Initiative soldier himself alongside Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch. The movie arrives on DVD and Blu-ray December 1, 2009.

That looks like it's going to be really creepy.

And yay! for a movie with both Brittany and Marc in it.
Man, Thora Birch. I thought she'd be huge after American Beauty, Ghost World, and The Hole. What happened ?

Looks like pretty standard direct-to-DVD horror fare, despite the promising cast.
The dvd's been out in the UK for a while now. Personally I thought the movie was awful.

If you really want to watch it, definitely try RENT it!

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