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November 17 2009

(SPOILER) Three new pics from Dollhouse 2x06 'The Left Hand'. They're at the bottom of the photo set for that episode (spoiler laden descriptions as well).

The speculation running through my mind right now is deafening.
These episodes are going to rock my world.
So I guess we now know what happened to Bennett's arm. And Caroline/Echo was involved.
i'm very curious now especially with what's happening in the last two pics
So. - hence Bennet's grudge and her lame arm.

BAM! said the lady.

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Awesome pictures. I can't wait for this episode! Caroline's looking a lot more badass in these. I love Eliza and Summer together.
Eck! These people are terrifying. Can already see I'm going to be sitting on edge when these episodes air. Can't wait!
I can't handle all of this impending awesome...
I want this now.
Actually this is the first time I've ever felt spoiled at all while looking at pictures. Usually I just get hints as to what's going on. Those Summer Glau shots are a little too explanatory.

Then again, I doubt how it happened will matter much in the end.

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