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November 17 2009

Pics of Nicholas Brendon in The Santaland Diaries. Nick's play with The Blank Theatre Co. opens this weekend, but you can get a preview of him in (I'm assuming) full costume.

God bless his pointy little shoes.
Yes! That's where I just had to stop and blink. The first photo with the shoes.
LoL....i would go to his play....if it was in my area...bummer :(
The thought of Nicholas Brendon acting out the situations David Sedaris describes in The Santaland Diaries makes me giddy. If only I lived close enough to justify going to see the show.
Oh man, I'm totally gonna go see this.
Oh my, oh my. Wonderful
Those are fantastic pictures, and his elf shoes are killing me! I wish I could go.
This is right up my aisle, as my friend's German mom says. If only they'd do this in New York...
Oh this looks so good. If only I didn't live the other side of the Atlantic. Gotta love those shoes :)
Hope he learned his lines on time, he was fretting about it a little at Hallowhedon. Oh and I hope he found his glasses too.

Really wish I could go to this, just a slight problem of an ocean between me and the theatre.
Did anyone else immediately think of this photo when they saw Nicky's tights? LOL

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