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November 17 2009

Angel: After the Fall Fan Film. A NSFW comedy set during the comic series.

How NSFW are we talkin'? Like, crazy?
Oh, no, not at all. There's no nudity or anything really sexual, other than normal crude Apatow-esque dude dialogue. Just a lot of cursin'.

This is my film, by the way, so big thanks to hitnrun017 for posting this! Our budget obviously wasn't as big as the guys who did "Horrible Turn," but I'm happy with how this (part one) came out. I hope some folks enjoy it!
Nice job, Pat.
This was the most cracked-out fan video I've seen in a while. Very amusing take on Mary Sue-type fanfiction and an inspired choice of drug-use in the story.

Well done, Pat.
Thanks menomegirl! The weed/mistaking hell for a hallucination was probably the first idea for the story. It was originally going to be called STONERS: AFTER THE FALL, and be much more... weedy, I guess you could say, but Brian Lynch posted out on the forum that I'd done stoners before, kinda, so to try something new. As soon as I figured out that these characters do nothing but play games all day and dream about fictional video game women, it made sense that they'd dedicate their time in hell toward chasing supernatural tail.

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