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November 18 2009

Dr Horrible comic book out today. The one-shot penned by Zack Whedon tells of how Dr Horrible got drawn into a world of crime.

Am looking forward to reading this. Will bridge the gap (slightly) till DH2!
Ok, other than the Buffy Season 8, I haven't read many comics in my adulthood, so I'm embarrassingly uninformed. What's "one-shot" mean? Just once and done? Not a series like Buffy Season 8? I'll be picking this up today, hopefully!
Yeah - a one-shot is just a single issue release. Kinda like the 'Tales of the Vampires' issue, or next month's Willow issue.
I reviewed the crap out of this book. Peep it out over at Buffyfest if the spirit moves you. The short version: it's good. Very good.
I don't read comics, but I may read this.
There is a new interview with Zack at Newsarama about writing Dr. Horrible and Terminator.
GAH! The comic shop didn't have it yet. "The UPS guy hasn't come in yet." (I know, I know, I should have just ordered it...)
Got it. Three variant covers, although none of them are as nice as Jo Chen's in Buffy S8.

Story seems plausible and mildly entertaining, dialogue is good, although Moist gets better lines in the comic than he ever got in DHSAB, look is a bit cartoonish, but feel is good.
I got it (well, only one of the covers, the others haven't arrived yet)! Yay! I'm loving this and wishing it would become a continuous series....
*adds it to the xmas-gifts-to-myself list!*
It's slightly disconcerting how good Nathan's comic likeness is and just how much he oozes cheesy charisma and cartoon violence.
Ordered it and I'm still waiting to get it. I did however get all 3 covers for $2.80/comic:)

The waiting is going to kill me!
I enjoyed it. Moist did get some good lines, and I could hear Nathan's voice in my head with every Captain Hammer line.

My store didn't have the second variant cover, unfortunately, but I did get the first variant, which is a very clever design.
That was a fun read. I think my favorite part was Nathan grabbing Maurissa's ass, although the "Doctor Horible" headline made me chuckle, too.

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*dies of faneurism/awesomeness*

(Thank you Zack!)
Einstein? What a hilarious made-up name!
Damn you variant covers! I have no more monies to spend on you.
Another Whedon comic that my comic shop didn't get in, even though I pre-ordered it with them ahead of time. They got their usual Wednesday comic book shipment, just no copies of Dr. Horrible in it. Was looking forward to reading it after work tonight too.

I know it's just comics, but it's getting a little annoying (at least the shop was on my way to work today). After my membership runs out in April, I'm gonna maybe just go for online orders. I hate to stop supporting local, comic shops are kind of a dying thing in this region of Ontario, but online orders are easier than going to the shop and getting disappointed/having the comic shop dude and girl not know what you're talking about. I'm not gonna pester them by phoning them every week or two either, shouldn't have to.
A friend surprised me with it today! :)

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