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November 18 2009

Rossum website has a TV commercial. Although the return of Dollhouse is just two weeks away, Rossum, the parent company of the Dollhouses, has just produced an ad that is designed to be shown in TV markets around the world. It's safe to say it may make an appearance on the show before long.

"Your mind is our business"? Okay, creepy. Backing away slowly. . .
I'm not complaining, but I thought we weren't going to get any more ARG-related stories on the frontpage?
Well they've gone to all this effort to make an ad so might as well give them credit. Some times the reed must bend when they see which way the wind blows. But eventually the tide will turn and enough is enough.

Oh and
"It's the Pax!"

In my fantasy world, where everything combines just how I like it with no pieces left over, future-Rossum 1) developed G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate and 2) had been absorbed into Blue Sun.

Nice creepifyin' ad.

(In Dollhouse "Echoes", Rossum's slogan is actually the somewhat less creepy "Because Minds Matter" - but mebbe we can fanwank it that Rossum got a Creepy Re-branding.)
Seriously reminds me of all the Lost advertising: The Hanso Foundation, Oceanic Airline adverts... It's all very tranquil and similar to this.
Okay, that is very cool... and creepy. I wish I could 'share' it online!
Ok, so am I the only one who thought the symbol at the end of the commercial was reminiscent of the octopus in the Fruity Oaty Bar ad? Also I do agree that Rossum developed the Pax and in later years changes their name to Blue Sun. Now all we need is a crossover comic to fill the gap! XD
Just to add to the Rossum/Pax speculation - but ONLY if you don't want to ruin the ARG look up.

If you are FULLY up to date then no spoiler.
It strikes just the perfect note of seemingly-benign-but-creepy-sinister. That note. In short, awe-sum!
Yeah, definitely; in the future Rossum Corp becomes, I mean Blue Sun.

And thanks b!X, I have spread the good news (ie the video links) to MySpace and facebook! Yay!
On the "contact" page of the website, I wonder if that is Summer Glau posed in an underwater shot?
The end is a sun and blue stuff... Damn you Joss for having consistent storylines that scare the pants off me!
Heh. "Blue stuff". Is that the new "gray matter"?
Yes, if Rossum/Blue Sun has their way.

Also, has anyone cracked the employee log in? I'm trying to figure out what DeWitt's password would be if she had one.
DeWitt's passwords would probably be lonelyhearts or some variation thereupon. That would explain how the upper-level guy made the connection.

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