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November 18 2009

Brad Meltzer jumps into the Buffyverse. The bestselling author tells of how he came to be writing season 8 and what to expect in his upcoming arc.

I've read a lot of Meltzer's DC work.From his Green Arrow arc,to Identity Crisis and a good chunk of his Justice League run plus DC Universe:Last Will And Testament.I found his writing dense with the character work so I can see why Joss chose him to write this part of season 8.

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Do we know at what point this will become season 9?

Just asking. I'm taking them as they come without any complaint :)
The only thing I can take from his comments is that Twilight has to be someone who means something in the Buffyverse, so it carries some resonance to readers. And the "who" has to be a surprise. That is fairly limiting to me; Hank Summers would be an idea of someone who would meet that bill.
I think I like this guy. I wonder how one becomes "internet buds" with Joss Whedon. (Where do I sign up??!!)

Also, Simon please to correct the spelling of his's Brad Meltzer.
poltergeist,season 8 will end with either issue 40 or 41.Scott Allie said recently that they haven't decided yet if they need the extra issue or not.

There then will be a break and they hope to start season 9 sometime in 2011.I imagine season 9 will start over with a new first issue.

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I hope they eventually get a big fat collection of the entire S8 comics. I bought all the pamphlets but would really like a single book to read through at once (and to loan out). Anyone know if that's very far off?

And also curious, what did you guys think of Identity Crisis??? (I liked everything except the Batman Zatana mindwipe thing.)
Weren't the mindwipes sort of central to and inseparable from the entire point of the piece, though.
I think the entire point of the piece was solving the who-done-it. (and those tiny footprints on the brain were cool!)

I agree that the wipes were important to the story in general. However, I have an issue with the Bat wipes. (that totally sounds like toilet paper endorsed by the caped crusader!) At the time it seemed very out of character for all of those heroes to go along with wiping Bat's mind. I doubt any of them would want to be on his bad side.

b!x IMO, they could have just made an excuse for Bats to not be present.
But the fact that they did it to Batman was critical, if I'm recalling correctly, to a bunch of stuff Batman did as a result once he found out.
Yeah DC took that storyline and ran with it. To me, it just seemed like they were using it for the shock factor and then exploited it to sell more books. Based on the characters histories, it just didn't seem very feasible, IMO.

Its like that WonderWoman story arc that happened right around the time of Identity Crisis, where she kills Maxwell Lord by snapping his neck. There's no way that my Wondy would take the easy way out. It just wouldn't happen.

The most accurate analogy that comes to mind would be at the end of season 6 in Buffy...seeing the worlds greatest heroes mind wiping Batman (or Wonder Woman callously snapping that bad guys neck) is similar to Buffy deciding that killing Warren is the right course of action. You know the character well enough to know that it just wouldn't happen that way. That's how I felt about his closest comrades mindwiping Batman.
Yeah, in some ways there's a connection from 'Identity Crisis' through 'Infinite Crisis' to 'Batman: RIP' and 'Final Crisis', a sort of web of distrust (without the Bat-wipe - now with new anti-bacterial action ;) - there's no Brother Eye, no Maxwell Lord, no murder of same, no '52', no backup Bat-persona, no Batman vs The Devil, no "death" of Bruce Wayne etc.).

At the time it seemed very out of character for all of those heroes to go along with wiping Bat's mind. I doubt any of them would want to be on his bad side.

Well, the deed (against Doctor Light) was done, once they knew Batman knew their options were limited. But yeah, they must've been hesitant - I mean, he's going to find out eventually and then they're gonna have the guy frikkin' Superman calls "the most dangerous man on Earth" after them. Talk about being between a rock and a very hard place ;).

Liked 'Identity Crisis' well enough, it was trying to do something "big" and I think it pretty much succeeded. Not flawless and not in the very top tier of DC stories but not bad at all. Easily good enough that i'm not worried about Brad Meltzer writing Buffy, put it that way.
I thought Identity Crisis was great.Batman being mindwiped was key to a lot of stuff that played out afterwards.Batman created Brother Eye which Max Lord took control of. That led to events in Infinite Crisis.The mindwipe is what made Batman so paranoid.

Identity Crisis really kicked started everything that is still playing out still in the DC Universe.
I... don't really remember every detail of Identity Crisis. That said, if the Wonder Woman thing tied in I can actually still see some logic in that even if I am kinda unfamiliar with the character. It's still sort of brutal but a presumably necessary kind.

And the footsteps thing... That all kind of freaked me out so I imagine that's a good/effective thing? (To some extent I did find it a little troubling that presumably long existing characters would probably have to be acting wildly out of the norm for some of the events though?)

re: Buffy though, is this the first time we've seen the Jo Chen cover? I did how it's still keeping up the Superman pastiche but I sort of hoped it'd be a more specific sort of parody of a cover (unless it already is one that's just lost on me).
The Jo Chen cover looks fairly generic in composition, might be a homage to a specific cover but might also just be conveying a general "Superman" vibe. Jeanty's variant on the other hand seems to be a very clear nod to Action Comics issue 1 but with added "more powerful than a locomotive".

As to Wonder Woman, it was out of character, that's why it shocked and surprised absolutely everyone (both within her universe and without). She thought she had no choice but I can see the perspective that heroes are about creating choices where none existed whereas what she did was more acceptance, the kind of thing we'd have to do, not the kind of thing an Amazon warrior, hand-crafted by the gods themselves, should settle for. Still, it was a powerful moment, on a meta-level I guess that's justification enough (and you need something big if you're trying to catalyse the end of the world).
Oops missed this ...

The mindwipe is what made Batman so paranoid.

Well, it at least made him conclude he wasn't paranoid enough Buffyfantic ;). The - excellent - JLA story 'Tower of Babel' came before 'Identity Crisis' (i.e. after Bats was wiped but before he knew he had been) and in that we see that he has files on the Justice League with strategies and plans for devices so that if anyone ever went rogue, he could take them all down. He'd call that preparedness, they saw it kinda differently and expelled him.

(and in general the modern comics - particularly since "Dark Knight Returns" - have often emphasised the idea that because Batman is "just" a human, he also sees his mission as protecting us from the [superpowered] good guys, if necessary. He's deeply suspicious of too much power in the hands of one individual, even - maybe especially - if it's his sometime friend and long-time ally Big Blue)
Interesting discussion guys! Do you think Tower of Babel is worth going back and reading now Saje?

Wanted to add that those covers are awesome. Both Georges and Jo's covers are, as usual, fantastic. Made the Jo cover my desktop background. Saaa-weeet.
Yep, just to clarify, by "generic composition" I meant more "broad" rather than "uninspired", the art itself is, as usual from Ms Chen, stunning. And I like the humour of Jeanty's cover, might well buy that one too for this issue.

As to 'Tower of Babel', I enjoyed it alexreager, it's a decent read and i've got a soft spot for stories involving Batman wherein even his friends are slightly disturbed by just how far he takes things, how completely he embraces his "mission". Worth a look IMO.

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