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November 18 2009

(SPOILER) Press release for the first Dollhouse double-header on Dec 4. Seems like 2x05 "The Public Eye" has been renamed to "The Left Hand (Part 1)". Episode descriptions and guest stars included.

Though I say this without fully understanding the nature of the episodes, I much prefer the title of 'The Public Eye' rather than 'The Left Hand'.
They're both good titles, its just I don't like one of them disappearing...
Episode titles change all the time, people just don't realise.
I much prefer to have two different titles, even for two parter episodes.
With that being said I like The Left Hand title more, so if it has to be renamed I'm glad they went with that.

Edited for better phrasing.

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Happened in Season 1 too: "A Spy in The House of Love" was originally titled "Four Engagements".

But I guess here it makes a lot of sense, since it's a two-parter that actually became a two-hour-event via scheduling changes.

I liked the idea of body parts holding the two episodes together (eye and hand). But having the more awesome one of the two be the title of the whole thing is fine by me too. After all, I've spent the last two weeks speculating and thinking about "The Left Hand". :)
Imagine if Lost, as of its season five finale was called "Pilot: Part 103". That's what is going on here, most definitely. What 'that' is specifically is beyond me.
Next year I'm going to rename the day before my birthday to "b!X's Birthday, Part 1".
This might turn out to be an error. Fox PR tells me it's The Public Eye (part 1 of 2) and The Left Hand (part 2 of 2) still.
I'm okay either way, really. There's something charming to me about two episodes named the same thing, except for "part #." Brings me back to the days of Graduation, Becoming, What's My Line, and so on. Wait, did I just list the only same-named two parters in Buffy? Whatevs.
Gee, an error? What are the odds? *headdesk*
Whoa, Maurissa as "Kilo"? That sounds exciting =)
Well I think the renaming makes more sense. Fox were advertising episode 6 as The Left Hand (part 2) a while back.
Could this title be an allusion to Ursula LeGuin's, The Left Hand
of Darkness?
Could this title be an allusion to Ursula LeGuin's, The Left Hand of Darkness?

Very possible. Speculations till now have circulated around Dr. Strangelove and Metropolis, but nobody mentioned that before I think.
I'd speculate that it's a tip to common phrase "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing."
Whatevs. It's all so very sinister.
I wish I knew what the deal was. Fox PR did claim to me yesterday that part one was still The Public Eye and were going to try to get it changed on the Futon Critic. But it's still The Left Hand part one on FC. Someone's wrong, either the email to me or the press release FC posted, and I have no idea which one.

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FOX PR told Futon the series definitely wasn't cancelled after the cancellation was announced by FOX on Variety. Confusion sometimes happens.
Yes, I just wish someone would settle it.
Whatevs. It's all so very sinister.

Oddly enough,'ve hit the nail right on the head with that one. The term "sinister" is derived from the Latin word for "left" - sinister/sinistra - and its negative connotations derived from the bigotry against those in the population who were left-handed (since being left-handed was considered a no-no only up until fairly recently).

So the fact it's Summer/Bennett's left hand that has been bunged up makes the title fitting for a lot of reasons...probably the same reason why Lang and Kubrick had characters where their left hand is non-functional.

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Among other trivia, the "bar sinister" in medieval heraldry was a symbol of illegitimate birth.

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