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November 19 2009

Captain Tightpants wants to be the Greatest American Hero. "I know I'm Canadian, but I think I could put my hat in for that one," says Fillion.


I loved this show when I was a kid, and I can definitely see Captain Tightpants doing great things with this role.

Well, maybe Nathan can be Captain Canuck, who was a real comic-book hero. Now THAT would be great for Canada, but I'd like to see him in William Katt's super suit, too.
ETA: WIll this also mean Felicia Day fill Connie Sellecca's role?

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I'm going to have that song stuck in my head ALL DAY now!
What's so American about it, eh? The suit is red-and white, after all.

Actually, Alan could probably do inept and geeky better than Nathan.

I tried watching the series on Netflix with my kids, and I'm sorry to say it hasn't aged particularly well. On the upside, I don't know that there will be many rabid "the original was better!" partisans if they DO remake it. :-)
Well, Robert Culp is still alive and working. Maybe they can get him to appear in the remake.
Hey, Canadians are Americans too, technically. I don't really fancy seeing Nathan in a spandex tunic thing, though.
Hey, Canadians are Americans too

Are you saying Ben is Glory?
The Greatest North American Hero.
I would totally watch this. I've never seen the original, but Fillion seems like he would be a lot of fun in that role.
Canada is always a valuable example for the States to study, and so are Candadians. They have many of the same issues we do, but handle them in different ways. (They also have many different issues, and handle them in the same ways, which is the really tricky part.)
Nathan could totally play it, the only problem being he's just a bit too actually heroic looking. Alan Tudyk could also do it.

But my pick would be Ryan Reynolds.


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