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November 19 2009

Dollhouse is listed as a show that deserves a remake! TVOverMind has a great piece up right now about shows that deserve to be remade in the future, Dollhouse tops its list.

Hmm - I can see the headline now: "Critics and audiences swoon to J.J. Abrams' remake of Joss Whedon's sci-fi oddity Dollhouse."
Haha. And if we're lucky... "Critics and audiences swoon to Joss Whedon's re-imagining of J.J. Abrams' sci-fi classic, LOST."
"No overarching plot"? Really?
Joss doing Lost is a weird, weird thought. It'd be a completely different show.

I dislike hypothetical remake articles as well.
Dollhouse should be remade because it was too slow? Really? I can think of a lot of reasons to critique the show, but that would not be one of them. (I mean, we have Paul joining the Dollhouse within 13 episodes--that's pretty fast for that much character development.)
I really have to draw the line at a remake of a show that is still on the air.
I could see it being called slow. I mean, sure, the original pilot was too jammed with information, but I would have rather seen it stretched over two or three episodes, not 6 or 8.
Slow was a complaint I heard a lot about Dollhouse, and never agreed with. Even LOST didn't move that quickly in its first season. DH definitely revealed more in those first six episodes than LOST did in its first six. Eh. I have said this before, but I'll say it again: I think people are just getting too used to watching a bunch of episodes close together online or on DVD. So when six episodes takes six weeks and not three days, things suddenly feel like they're moving at a snail's pace.
Oh my god this is hilarious xDD
"I mean, we have Paul joining the Dollhouse within 13 episodes--that's pretty fast for that much character development."

While I do agree with your point, if an outsider were to read this sentence it would sound like one of the slowest things ever. Still I'm with you.
Well I'm not sure that a remake is really necessary per se but it did get my hopes up with some wishful thinking about what if only the show got a bigger launch and had the opportunity to really cull or polish some of the scripts until they all were as great as the last episode aired or the latter half of the first season.

That said... of the three series they listed they're all really not that old so I don't get the point. And they're all more or less concepts or themes that could be dealt with in newly created intellectual property without the baggage of the original.

(Sorry -- I've always wanted to say that.)
Is this a joke ? Like, seriously, an actual satire or something ? Cos otherwise it's one of the dafter 'Dollhouse' related articles i've seen (and we've had some doozies). Reasoning that "Hey, a couple of sci-fi shows have been remade recently, let's suggest remaking shows that are still on the air" is just plain ol' banoonoos IMO.

And anyway, any list of potential remakes that doesn't have 'Manimal' on there is built from luser bricks on a foundation of fail.
"I mean, we have Paul joining the Dollhouse within 13 episodes--that's pretty fast for that much character development

Yes, some shows would have had that stretching out over several seasons.
I can't even with this link.
I reckon Dollhouse first five were definitely slow on the mythology. The unaired pilot, even though pretty confusing, got through a lot very quickly. Thought : Dollhouse present day wouldn't work as a comic, but stories in post-apocalypse Epitaph One era just might?

Thoughts. Anyone.
"Even LOST didn't move that quickly in its first season."

LOST moved at a snails pace, which was the reason I stopped watching. I mean, the whole hatch mystery was begun within the first couple of episodes and they eventually opened it in the closing shot of the season, but still didn't actually show what it hid until the next season! It was infuriatingly slow.

In fact, one of my main complaints of American shows that have to span 22-24 episodes is that the stories could generally be told in half the time. The majority of my current favourite American dramas have all been shorter seasons (Dexter, True Blood, and, of course, Dollhouse.) And it is the way I wish more series would adopt.
"A remake from a fresh perspective"? WTF?? Dollhouse has about the freshest perspective imaginable. And slow? Only if you have a severe case of ADD (which I'm beginning to think includes the majority of the American TV viewing public).

This has to be the dumbest article ever - all the shows are still on the air.
But thanks for posting it, it's illuminating to know that there are people out there who have the attention span of a fruit fly.
Uhm, I'd be OK with this. Maybe in 15 years time, I don't want to be 30 when it's being made! (Possible Eliza, Amy or Dichen playing the Adelle-like character?)
Remaking Joss shows would be like repainting the Sistine Chapel.

Me, I'm plotting my remake of Star Wars, once George Lucas is safely dead.
Jobo - I think you make an excellent point with the DVD box sets. I've often thought that myself.

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