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November 19 2009

"Chuck" returns January 10th. Adam Baldwin returns to our screens in a 2 hour premiere Sunday Jan. 10th.

Was just watching CHUCK on Hulu. Had to laugh when Casey used the term Man Parts. Looking forward to season 3. "I can do Kung-fu"
Great stuff, wonder if/how the show will change now that Chuck knows Kung-fu ? Nice line-up of guest stars n'all.

And around the time 'Dollhouse' ends too (ETA: well, in the run up to the end anyway[/ETA]), should soften the blow slightly.

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I missed the second series but it is on my LoveFilm queue.
In that case forget what I said about Kung-fu.
It's ok, I'm aware of the game changer at the end of the second season :).
Woohoo! I really got into Chuck -- so happy the fans were able to help bring it back :)

Casey and Chuck have great banter and the supporting cast are really fun.
When it was announced for March I stamped my feet, so yay! This is only good news!
So this definitely explains the extra eps. It's a good sign
Well, close to a full season.

Caught a random episode of Chuck the other day and I forgot how much I missed it. Such a fun show :)
I'm so glad it'll be back, I love this show (and I love Adam Baldwin in it!). Has everyone noticed he is tweeting now (Felicia and Nathan forced him to)? He wants lots of followers!
I was really excited when I heard this yesterday! (Guess I could've posted it, huh?)And yes, it will help soften the end of Dollhouse. As did the renewal for Castle! I didn't get into Chuck until after season 2 ended, but quickly gobbled the eps up and keep re-watching on Hulu!

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