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November 20 2009

SciFi Now's "ten of the best" science fiction television series. Firefly appears on the list and gets described as "the darling of modern science fiction". Quite right too.


Am surprised Dr. Who didn't get a nod, though.
The Charlie Jade entry surprised me. The show had a wonderful concept and great visuals but the plot and acting was somewhat plodding. But it did make a nice change to see a scifi series not from the US or UK.
Am surprised Dr. Who didn't get a nod, though.

Well, it's a personal list and the author doesn't rate it as highly as the shows that're on there. Seems fair enough.

I watched a few episodes of 'Charlie Jade' and agree about the premise and visuals but it was just too plodding, there was a 'flatness' to it that made it difficult to watch (sort of like someone with the world's dullest, most monotonous voice reading something really interesting - you wanna listen for the content but the delivery makes it unbearable). Might go back for another look at some point but it's not exactly top of my list.

ETR: An 'of'. For its very presence did burn mine eyes.

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What? No Torchwood? No Farscape?... okay, so I'm more disappointed there's no Farscape on there (gotta give it up to an almost-Aussie sci-fi show)... But I definitely agree with Firefly, though, I'd have put it at number one. I've seen Star Trek, and talk about flat and very Day-Time Soap Opera acting.. Haha. yikes.
The author says (in the second comment) that they're in no particular order. So it's a good list, IMO. I would have liked to see Torchwood and since I've never heard of Charlie Jade, have no opinion there.

But as long as Firefly, BSG and B5 are on this short a list, I'm happy with it.
I missed that, thanks Shey. I'll amend the entry.
As long as it's "ten of the best" rather than "the ten best", no argument from me. I haven't seen Charlie Jade. My list would include Farscape and Star Cops.

Star Cops deserves to be better known. It was a British crime show set about thirty years (from the time of making) in the future on a space station and the moon. (I believe they shifted to the moon so as not to have to have actors floating around on wires.) The writing and acting were good, the science and technological details were accurate, the mysteries were tight and challenging and incorporated near-future hard science fiction concepts. I have watched it twice on PBS.

Either of the Life on Mars series might qualify for a list of this kind. I haven't seen the British original.
janef~ In the end, I don't think Life on Mars qualified as sci fi. There was no supernatural aspect with why Sam went back in time. SPOILER

*It was a brain injury. At least in the brilliant UK version. I'm trying to purge the US version from my brain.

On the list FARSCAPE! OMG the new DVDs look and sound amazing!!

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