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November 20 2009

Firefly & Uncharted 2 so similar, your head might explode! This hilarious (and bloody) video convincingly compares the top-rated, action-adventure game with Joss Whedon's space cowboy property.

Contains some gore, and even a quick shout-out to another Whedon fan-favorite. :) Also contains spoilers for Firefly and Serenity.

I've always imagined Nathan playing the lead character in the Uncharted games.
They both share the same first name. And Nathan Drake talks as though Joss is already writing his words.
SPOILERS!!!!! Come on, I haven't finished the game yet!
The game's been out for a bit and the title does say what the video game is.
Not to mention the video says "Spoilers" like 10 seconds into it which is where I stopped watching since I haven't started the game yet.
Ha, excellent stuff :)
Gosh he's attractive.
Oh wow, that's pretty great. I love Naughty Dog's games but never got into Uncharted, so maybe I'll give it another try now.
Am I talking to Miranda now?

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