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November 20 2009

Ten TV Things TWoP is thankful for this year. Check out numbers 4 and 10 . . .

Heh. Agreed on Mad Men (and hope they're wrong about Kinsey and Cosgrove), agreed on Fillion's Mal-impression in Castle (though I don't watch the show!), agreed on the wedding episode of The Office, agreed that it's good that Dollhouse was given notice (although is there actually time to retool?).

Disagreed on Dexter; I don't know that it's Lithgow's fault and would tend to put 95% of the blame on the writing, but his character is so all over the place, so constantly shifting in emotions, that he's downright inpenitrable to me. More to the point, it's impossible for me to believe that those around him don't notice he's a wacko. Of course, maybe the twist is that they do (we saw him flip out on his family this week, and it seems normal--maybe everyone just accepts that he's cuckoo and move on with their days). And as far as "return to form": I thought season three was a comedown from season two, but it still had a certain spark that I've found lacking this year. And much of the line-to-line writing has been atrocious. And when is that reporter going to do something to prove that there's a reason she's on the show besides willingness to appear topless? I know there's a reason she's in the show, but with each episode I'm doubting more and more that it's worth it.
check out #7 as well ... while John Lithgow isn't a whedonverse actor ... he sure is creepy in Dexter ... Gives nightmares...

lol WmB ... disagree though (re Dexter)

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Yeah, I thought Dexter dragged on horribly atleast until Deb was shot. Then it picked up a bit. I've never been a big fan of Lithgow, but I do agree that he was a very good casting choice for that character. Either way, I still feel seasons 3 and 4 have been a disappointment in comparison to 1 and 2.

I'm very happy Dollhouse has a chance to go out the right way... no reason for Joss to leave any bullets in the chamber, so to speak. Should be a great December and finale in January.
...agreed that it's good that Dollhouse was given notice (although is there actually time to retool?)

Joss has said that there'll be closure (in a not totally closed way). But then most of his seasons are complete stories anyway. And they've all been saying from the start of the season that they're "not saving anything for the ride back" - seems like they probably figured they'd get this second 13 and that'd be it.

Lithgow's been great on 'Dexter' S4 IMO and in general i've been enjoying this season more than 3 with one or two caveats - Dexter's VO has sometimes felt a bit too on the nose this year, possibly just because we know him better now a lot of his VO lines feel unnecessary and to be expressing sentiments that Michael C Hall could easily convey with an expression or knowing look (they did this to brilliant effect at the end of the "shed" episode and i'd like to see it more often though not necessarily breaking the fourth wall every time). And i'm wondering slightly about some plot choices (won't know how I feel about them until the end of the season).

Totally agree about Jim Parsons, to the extent that 'The Big Bang Theory' would be unwatchable without him. As it is it's not exactly stellar IMO.

And 'Community' is, so far, one of the better comedies of the last 5+ years IMO. Oh and Nathan's great on 'Castle' which means this could be the most i've agreed with a TWoP article since ever.
Resa: Ha ha, yes, disagree away. I'm kind of glad others are enjoying the show. It gives me hope for more enjoyment should I go for a S4 rewatch.

Saje: I forgot to mention the VO, but that has also really bothered me this year. (That and Harry's running commentary have seemed to add little, most of the time. I know James Remar is in the cast, but I wish there was something else for him to do...)

Well, I won't ramble any more. :P
Willow also gets a shout out in #5.
Love Lithgow on dexter... although, Dexter (the character) is starting to get ridiculously sloppy with where he kills people (he's gonna get caught soon if he doesn't refocus)
Defintely The Office wedding. The Office has been a struggle mostly this year for me, but the wedding outdone pretty much all of this season and the last. The perfect balance of humour and character. I think Parks and Recreation does a better job of balancing humour and character now. I really enjoy having prominent female characters on it as well. The Office has never really had that, so its nice.

I'm still happy for the second season of Dollhouse. It's a nice thought that it has two seasons.

Jim Parsons is fantastic, but I do believe that everyone compliments everyone in that show. Much like NPH and the rest of the HIMYM gang. They are all needed but the standout character always brings the funnies.

Community I've only seen the pilot of, and it was pretty funny. I adore The Breakfast Club so it was nice to see that being referenced and I like Joel McHale so I need to check that out some more. Modern Family has been a blast throughout but its recently hit a stride. Some of this latest episodes work in so many ways.

The Vampire Diaries looks pretty and I'm more than sure if this was six months ago I'd be all over that but I'm so not in the mood for a show called The Vampire Diaries with pop-rock music featured. I just need time for me to relax and let myself catch up with it and ignore the teen-drama aspects I find myself hating in the show, even though I'm fine with them in Gossip Girl et al.

Haven't seen the latest season of Dexter of Mad Men yet. I don't watch Sunny (I keep meaning too) and its unbelievable how big a Gleek I am. Seriously.
Ah, yes, Harry definitely needs to be given more to do on Dexter. James Remar isn't getting any younger, so where are the potentially awesome flashbacks involving him and young Dex (hopefully not teenaged Dexter--I liked the little kid that played him from age 6 to 10 or something like that, that kid was good and looked like he could possibly be a young Michael C. Hall). They haven't shown us anything of Dexter's adoptive mother/Harry's wife, we just know that she died much earlier in Dex and Deb's lives than Harry did. Dunno if there's anything to mine there.

Not all the flashbacks sucked in Season 1, they could pull off more. Can't remember if we got many flashbacks in Season 2 (was the Dexter's-first-kill/Denise "Tasha Yar" Crosby in Season 2?). Weren't they nonexistant in Season 3, aside from what we saw Dex imagining when he listened to the Criminal Informant tapes of Harry and his biological mom Laura Moser ?

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When a TwoP list-thingy/article that contains bashing about a non-Whedon actor (in a show most Whedonites probably don't watch/like) is posted, it stays (and TwoP's been a hell of a lot more vicious toward Katherine Heigl than it has toward Eliza Dushku). But when I posted one about where the Dollhouse actors might find work (that contained Dushku-bashing by TwoP in it), it goes.

Double-standard ?
A nice kudo for Dollhouse from TWOP, it helps with the many stages of fan grief.

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