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November 20 2009

STVs Top 12 Onscreen Vampires. Spike makes the list.

Nice to see STV get something right.

/Scottish TV viewer disgruntled about their drama policy :/
Angel was in 3 seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of his own show, yet all DB brings to mind for this person is the Dido video?
Where is the love for off-screen vampires?
I love seeing Spike at or near the top of all these Vampire Lists, he will always be my favorite vampire ever.

I've never been a huge fan of Angel (the character). I only really enjoyed the character on BtS when he was evil, and he was even my least favorite character on his own show.
But surely he deserves more that the (and Angel), next to Spike's profile.

And Louis over Lestat? Don't think so. Whatever you may think of Tom Cruise in general, his fierce and funny Lestat was perfection.
Umm .... Simon, is there something we should know? ;)
Which Dido video was DB in anyway?
*tries and fails not to seethe with indignation at the article's dismissiveness about Angel(us)*
Which Dido video was DB in anyway?

White Flag - you can watch it on her site

[ edited by Ruadh on 2009-11-20 19:08 ]
It's a good vid.

But eight years as Angel on TV should probably top it.
Yay Duckula!!! Best Danger Mouse spin-off ever!

Oh, and while we're name-dropping Orlock, let's not forget Klaus Kinski's amazing portrayal...every bit as good as the other two amazing performances listed!
As Dru says in "I Only Have Eyes For You," "Poor Angel."

As far as I'm concerned, a list of the top 12 onscreen vampires would actually include Angel, Spike, Darla, and Drusilla. And vampire Willow. And Harmony.
Let The Right One In...looks interesting. Gonna have to track that one down.
They forgot Count Blah, blah.

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