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November 20 2009

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer quiz. Can you get 20 out of 20?

Cause I only got 19 *boo*.

Well, I didn't know which actress was considered for the role, but the actual show questions are leetle too easy for someone who hangs out at Whedonesque.
This quiz is broken. Its answers aren't set up correctly.
I don't believe I've ever heard of any of those actresses being considered for the role; considered by whom?
18?? Hell no. I might have gotten the actress question wrong, but the other 19 were correct.

ETA: IMDB says was considered for the role.

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Yeah, that question was one of like 4 where the answer wasn't immediately obvious. Nice that they've put the wrong pictures with SOME (but not all) of the questions.
Neither have I, embers, I remember reading somewhere that Charisma was, though. I went through it 2 times and got 19/20... I'm assuming I'm getting that question about who was considered for the role wrong.
16 / 20, but ignore that: what it says - "Excellent Buffy knowledge. A future as a Watcher awaits. A big slap on the back from Rupert and Wesley... at the same time." sounds much more impressive.
18/20 This quiz is like one of those psych tests where you're expected to say one yellow while looking at something that's blue. Also I hate quizzes where they don't tell you what you got wrong. How's a kid supposed to learn?
Another one of those quizzes that doesn't tell you what you got wrong. Only got 17 out 20 on the first go. Second attempt I double checked all my answers (making sure I didn't fall into any of the tricks.) The only one I think I answered differently was the considered actress question (went for Katie Holmes) and it went up to 18.

I'm pretty certain I got everything else right. The only one I wasn't a hundred percent on was the crucifixion/Woodstock quote, but I'm eighty percent certain it was Spike.
If memory serves, it was Spike who said that line in School Hard.
18 out of 20? The quiz must be wrong/incorrect.
Yeah, once again, methinks the quiz is broken. I guessed on 2, but know I got the other 18 right, still came out with 17/20 though.
alexreager: Indeed. I know I whiffed on Holmes, but that's it.

And, yes, the Crufcifixion bit was Spike.
Excellent Buffy knowledge. A future as a Watcher awaits. A big slap on the back from Rupert and Wesley... at the same time.
You scored 18 out of 20

Those questions were quite easy, actually. I wonder which ones I got wrong!
What?!? Eighteen?!? No way! I did say Katie Holmes, and I know the others were right!!! Booo!
18/20--I got the Katie Holmes question wrong, but I'm sure I got the others correct. I didn't even pause on them. I wonder which was counted wrong?
Am I still in the lead? Go me!
After thorough clicking, I have discovered they have questions 8 and 9 wrong. 8 makes sense if there is simply a typo in the question.
18/20?? I'm pretty sure I got them all right. Seems like an occurring theme. Maybe the quiz is wrong? :-P
The only one that I had to think about is who used the amulet to destroy the vampire hordes. Spike wore it, but didn't "use" it per se. I still answered Spike, but maybe they thought it was Angel?
Ok, I'm all about the analytical approach.
Below in invisible ink are my answers, and I was certaing I was correct (and if you say I'm wrong, I'll be much upset, but I'll get over it eventually.)

These answers keep giving me 18 out of 20, and I don't know why?!?! (Although I'm sure there's something to be said about me retaking the quiz and expecting a different result...)

Edit: Update: Changing my initial answer in question 8 from my correct answer to th eanswer which may initially pop into your mind gave me a 19...
Edit: And changing my correct answer to #9 to the painfully incorrect initial alternative of a), I got a 20/20. I can see how question 8 might be tricky, but number 9 is just BAD. :(

In conclusion, you are absolutely right about question 8 and 9! :)

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18/20?! I got every single one right. Fact.
I got 18/20. Yes, this quiz is broken.
Like I said, 8 and 9 are incorrect on the quiz.

Also, it's notable that one could do fairly well by
Oops. I got #8 wrong too. There's a picture of Faith, but she arrived in season 3, not season 2. It's still telling me 18/20, but I'm guessing it's a cookie issue.
19 out of 20. Wasn't sure if it was Faith or Kendra in season 2, guess now I know ;).

(though technically question 20 doesn't have the right answer as an option either but I went with the closest one)
Saje, in a world of correct quiz answers, Kendra came in Season 2, Faith in season 3
yeah I got 20 out of 20 by answering 8 and 9 incorrectly.
Like I said, 8 and 9 are incorrect on the quiz.

Ah yep, they have 8 as Faith (when it should be Kendra) and 9 as Vampire (when it's clearly a big giant snake). The cynic in me has to wonder if they do it deliberately knowing that we'll be mental dedicated enough to go through a couple of times (giving them ad hits each pass) trying to figure out where it's wrong.
19/20. I missed the question about who originally auditioned for Buffy. Thought it was Katie Holmes, no? Oh, and I spotted in error on the quiz. Faith arrived in S3 of Buffy, not S2. Any die hard Buffy fan knows that! :P
18/20 and IMDB says I got the actress question right...
19. No idea which one I got wrong. :(
The cynic in me has to wonder if they do it deliberately knowing that we'll be mental dedicated enough to go through a couple of times (giving them ad hits each pass) trying to figure out where it's wrong.

Wow, Saje, I was wondering what possible explanation there could be for the incorrect answers. You're probably exactly right. I've been making websites for 14 years and it never, ever occurred to me to do something like that. If that was their intent, I have to admit it's kind of brilliant in an evil, of-course-I-would-never-do-it-myself sort of way.
This is a British quiz right? Some of the Buffy episodes were different here.
Yep, it was Xander that was the big giant snake in the UK version. And he had a monocle.

Wow, Saje, I was wondering what possible explanation there could be for the incorrect answers.

It could just be incompetence as well of course callie but IIRC that's two broken Whedony quizzes from the same source within the same few weeks. Makes me wonder.

19. No idea which one I got wrong. :(

The way I got 19 was to answer 8 "correctly" as Faith (i.e. wrong in reality, it's Kendra) and 9 "incorrectly" as giant snake (i.e. right in reality but they had Vampire).
19/20 but I did answer every question correctly.. I don't care what the quiz says. I know I got my buffy knowledge!
18/20 but I know I got it all right. Including Katie Holmes.
Saje, snake Xander was wearing a monocle or human Xander was wearing a monocle? Its different in the Australian Outback Buffy. Seems that foreshadowed his ultimate transformation into Nick Fury.

(BTW Saje, congrats on making TEN THOUSAND comments at The Black. Damn thats a lot!)
@JTown & Vague It Up RE: Crucifixion/Woodstock

Ah, so I was correct. I just couldn't remember the scene and episode, but I could quite clearly hear Spike's voice saying it in my head.

The Mayor and rival slayer question are just bizarre, particular as the correct answers are on the list. I expect someone just cocked up the coding, rather than them actually not knowing the real answers.

Do we know whether the Katie Holmes question is actually correct? I had never heard that before.

Edit: As we know that two of the question are incorrect, does this mean we also know that Simon got one of his questions wrong? If you got 19 you must have answered incorrectly on the Mayor or rival Slayer question. Shameful! :)

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Or, worse still, answered both of those right-but-wrong AND got another question actually wrong. Still, the Faith/Kendra thing is a totally understandable mistake. Ahem.

And cheers alexreager, still waiting on my free steak knives ;).
I almost expect to see your name in E B A Y colors...
There's no where for us to comment and tell them how wrong this is. I can't believe I took this three times thinking I must be screwing up before I realized that it was just wrong. 18/20? Me? Please.
Yeah, I know I got Katie Holmes wrong, but it gave me 17/20. I know I got every other one right.
Something is wrong- I keep getting 18/20 even if I change answers- and I know I have them all right to begin with.
i know my Buffy Knowledge... just sad that whoever wrote the quiz - intentionally or not - doesn't seem to know it either... Must be a side effect of SyFy...
I got 21/20. Says I am new slayer. Great quiz!!! ;)
18 and the only one I guessed at was the band that played the theme, I was sure I got 19..
I got 19 and can't figure out which one i got wrong. I said Katy Holmes for the others considered, which is correct, right?

ETA: Oh wait, I see. I read the "rival slayer" question too quickly and assumed it was Faith without thinking about Kendra.

That was fun. I want more now.

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This is a British quiz right? Some of the Buffy episodes were different here.

So the Mayor turned into a vampire during Graduation Day when aired in Britain? And John Ritter looked like Alan Tudyk in "Ted"? ;-)

Quiz is way broken.

chazman, how did you get 21 out of 20...?

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I think chazman was just kidding.
In the context of this quiz, I wouldn't be surprised if 21 out of 20 was possible. Logical rules don't exist here. ;)
Let's quiz each other for fun. I'll start...

Who was Faith called to replace??

What character was originally going to be in the credits of the pilot episode but was taken out??

What was the first image/episode of Buffy that Joss conceived?
quick question..... how could they have made some episodes different did they remake it or something?
Tricksy - S2, not S3. With misleading pic.

I am humbled by my lack of attention to detail.
No more of these awful quizzes, please! They upset me. Faulty Buffy knowledge is distressing.
17/20, and the ones I missed, I missed. . .
Ooh Squishy good idea.
1. Faith was called to replace Kendra.
2. ....Jesse. I think.
3. I believe it was a drawing or maybe a dream of Joss watching his hand disappear, which became the episode "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"

What English folk song that Spike's mother used to sing to him?

By what appellation is Spike known to the Initiative?

Which characters who appear in the opening credits at some point during the seven seasons of Buffy die during the series?
ok that was the lamest quiz ever....THEIR answers to the questions were wrong....who the hell creates a quiz on the subject when they dont even know about it....
Wow, Invisigoth massacred my quiz.100% correct. I can't do as well: (1) Early One Morning (I googled); (2) I forget; (3) umm, Buffy, Anya, cordelia (she died in angel though), Spike (kinda died, but not really), Tara(?), Ms. Calendar (?), am I wrong? missing anyone?

ETA: Oh, and one more, Jonathan was in the credits once and he died. Good questions!

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I am so glad I checked the comments, I thought I had lost my mind. I got a 17/20-- figured I had gotten the actress question wrong. Went back and re did it to get an 18/20 when I knew those answers!

Broken quizzes displease me, someone needs to tell them their quizometer is all wonkajeeby.

FRAK! Only 18! I feel ashamed... Better do this one again...

EDIT: Just noticed that the quiz was wrong... Good job there Carnelionne. :)

Also, number 17.

Oh and Xander and Willow dies too (in The Wish).

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Got the same 18 out of 20 :(
Silly of me to think that the universe somhow should fix it self.
As a response to this I've made a pretty damn hard Buffy trivia quiz for all of you nice people on sporcle. I don't know, thought maybe you're interested:

Enjoy! :D
Nice- and yes, a bit tougher....
I was just thinking that the details of this post should read "Can you get 18 out of 20?" *chuckles at own stupid joke*
Much more challenging - and while I normally don't like tons of questions about behind the scenes people, cuz whatever they did to make it happen they aren't part of the story, i'll forgive you just for introducing me to the poor man named 'Thomas Wanker'...
Pretty easy, other than the Katie Holmes.
19. No idea which one I got wrong.
'Angel the Terrible' - hehe!
Great quiz, Djungelurban! I got 20/30...which sounds bad, but 93rd percentile sounds better!

I admit, I misunderstood "What is the name of Mr. Trick's compeitition in Homecoming" to mean, "What is the name of Mr. Trick's COMPETITOR Homecoming," which didn't make much in the way of sense.

This quiz: some of the answers are wrong. I checked; the correct answer to their "which slayer comes to town in season 2" is "Faith," when Faith is season three. Ick. Anyway, got 17 on a first try, because I didn't know Katie Holmes, answered correctly for Faith. Not sure what the other thing is though, and am unconvinced it was my fault.
In their defence, Joss' world is that bloody complicated as it is that mistakes are bound to happen so all I could do was knowingly giggle.
Djungelurban's quiz was way more fun! Thanks for making it.
Pffft for nr9. The mayor wasn't a snake, he turned into a snake. And was the Faith pic suppose to be misleading or did they write the wrong season? I figure they might, since I only got 18 out of 20


Damn, now I read the comments. I was so right.

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