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November 20 2009

Eliza Dushku on whether Dollhouse will live on. "I feel like we're probably going to wrap it up for people at the end of this second season. We had time to sort of see where we wanted to close things off, but... I think this is going to be it".

It's a pity, but expected, (although I thought there was some question of comic books dealing with the dollhouse universe). I'm just grateful for the 1.5 seasons we actually got.
I'm glad someone from the show finally addressed the possibility of DH getting picked up by another network although that wasn't the answer I was hoping for (but did expect it).
Re: the comic book issue, Eliza is out of date, not that it means there will ever be one.

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Yeah, this is kinda probably almost certainly it, to be honest.

But don't be too depressed, because they're going out in style. Kinda incredible style, actually.
gossi, you are such a cruel tease. As compensation, I'd like for you to tell me who is directing the 13th episode ;)
I really hopes it's Joss. He hasn't written/directed enough of Dollhouse. :P
Ok, I was already excited and expecting a lot from the end of Dollhouse. Thanks to you Gossi, now I that's all been increased exponentially.
I don't think it's Joss. Or Tim. I'd hazard a guess that it's one of the writers or actors. Or Ron Moore. Ron Moore could work.
i hope they don't leave dollhouse open ended
Going out in style just makes me even sadder about the cancellation :(. The better it gets, the harder the cancellation is for me to take. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that they're pulling out all the stops, I'll just always mourn all that could have been if they'd gotten 5 seasons like they should have. Sob.

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