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November 20 2009

Powers #1 preview... now with dialogue! Remember that mysteriously Joss-like supersomething in the artwork-only preview of this Brian Michael Bendis comic? Now see what he has to say for himself. Possibly NSFW if your boss can read text on your monitor and doesn't like hard cursing.

They really nailed his voice :p
Lemme see, they took his face and his production company's name, added Angelus-style glee in anticipation of the hero's despair, subtracted all the wit and humor, and added a dollop of junior-high misogynistic potty-mouth? I think a certain comic book writer is feeling starved for attention.
Or the point was to make him the opposite of Joss.
If only the dialogue was artfully bad, rather than just bad.

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This is par for the course, I'm afraid. I have the first Powers hardcover volume (was a gift). I read it once. Didn't like it. Kinda boring-ish.
I'm glad to see that Powers is finally returning, though it does seem like Oeming's art style gets a little bit lazier with each reboot.
Nice arms, cartoon-Joss.
Are you guys kidding with the art comments? The panel layouts are solid, the faces expressive, and the action dynamic. You may not like the line work, but that's not all there is to comic book art and your personal taste doesn't make it "bad."
Personally, I've never had a problem with the art, aside from my feeling that it doesn't fit well with the subject matter. Too cartoony for me, but the quality of the art style itself is just fine. I just don't care for the dialogue and I don't find the story all that interesting or engaging.

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