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November 21 2009

Joel Grey's Anatomy. Anybody catch Doc playing doctor on Grey's Anatomy last Friday? A nice one-shot for the Season 5 villain.

Wow, excellent use of Before and After in that title! I tip my hat to ya!
It should also be noted that Mark Sheppard's Supernatural episode was last night. And it was fantastic.
I don't watch this Grey's Anatomy, but this post deserves a long stream of congratulatory comments for the title alone.

Seriousfully. Finest Kind titling. I bow before an Adept.
Aye. And I would have liked to have seen more of Doc in Buffy. Especially in "As You Were". He'd made more sense than Spike.
He was also in Private Practice last season as a cancer-stricken patient who wanted Pete and Sam to help him to die.

Since Grey's and Private do regular crossovers each season, it would've been kind of funny if they'd crossed over during that ep....
Anyone else think we need a Remo Williams sequel while Fred Ward and Joel Grey are still kicking?
I'm actually a big fan of Grey's Anatomy as well (probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures outside of Mr. Whedon's work) and I thought Joel did a fantastic job.

Also, FYI, Grey's Anatomy aired last Thursday, not Friday. :)
He played a doctor on 'House' too and yet I don't believe he has a medical licence - there should be a law. And yep, kudos on the title.
Great title. I just stared at him for a while, wondering, "is that Joel Grey?"
Must look up his age.
Far as I know, on Grey's he played a non-medical doctor.
GA and PP share so much guest cast, they had better watch themselves (recently they killed Ever Carradine).
I'm just hoping PP can avoid casting Denny Duquete, Ellis Grey, and Susan Grey (Mere Winningham). Let's try not to stretch my suspension of disbelief (or whatever) *too* far.
Last week they expected me to not notice that Naomi didn't recognize Addison's father (despite having been at her wedding and all). Sloppy.
Joel Grey was amazing on "House". Such a fabulous actor.
Amazing fellow. Haven't seen him in much. Does he always project that faint aura of menace, though? 'Cause I've only ever seen him on Buffy... and in Cabaret.
I'd say he does. He was on Alias and in Wicked as morally grey characters and still gave off that same perception. Even the same for The Muppet Show. ;)
He was also in an early episode of ST: Voyager playing a character who wasn't so much menacing as somewhat "off." As uneven as Voyager was, I remember that being one of their better eps, due in large part to Grey's performance.
Not cheating, but I remember seeing him on TV in 1969 or 70 when he and Liza Minelli were Cabaret on Broadway. My mother adored him. He's got to b mid 70s or more.

On another note, a good friend and one of the first persons to push Buffy on me is a huge Joel Grey fan, and he said it broke heart that he led directly, do not pass go, to Buffy's death. Funny how great art can do that to you.
Yes, more Remo Williams please. Let the adventure begin. And please add Capt. Janeway to the mix.
My parents write for Grey's and they didn't tell me he was guesting! Grr. Anyway, I'm sure he was great.

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