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November 21 2009

Chuck Season 3 Preview. Chuck is back and better than ever. Introduced by Zachary Levi and features, of course, a very funny Adam Baldwin.

I actually can't wait. It looks hilarious - And, 3 HOURS in one week. We definitely deserve this.

Was Chuck just playing DDR to avoid a laser trip wire?! (4:01) That just blew my tiny geek mind.
Yes the return of the best show on TV!

Next to Supernatural that is.
As well as the obvious Matrix comparisons (I know kung fu?) the new mind-altering abilities of the intersect feel very Dollhouse. Maybe this'll help fill the void that losing Dollhouse will leave.
Adam Baldwin also linked one of the special features from the season 2 dvd: So You Want To Be A Deadly Spy.
ln a word, AWESOME! I can't to see it.
Is this a tough show to get into if you haven't seen any previous episodes? My aunt's been telling me to watch ever since it started, but I haven't had the chance.
You can pretty much work out all of the relationships in one or two episodes. Definitely easy to pick up and love. Plot-wise, it's simple as simple can be as well.

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Okay, I'll give it a shot when the new season begins. Maybe Hulu has some episodes I can watch in advance of the premiere.
Wow, okay, Hulu has quite a few... I know what I'm doing the rest of today!
Is this a tough show to get into if you haven't seen any previous episodes? My aunt's been telling me to watch ever since it started, but I haven't had the chance.

Nah, there isn't much to know that won't be obvious within the first 3 minutes. Casey (Adam Baldwin) is the tough guy, Chuck is the nerd, Sarah is the hot chick, and they're spies.

It's very mission-of-the-week. There is an overarching plot, but, the basic setup of every episode is that there's a new baddie every week, and they need to be stopped.
LOVE this show. Watched it at first only because Adam's in it but it's definitely one of my favs now.
Very happy Chuck is coming back. I really looked forward to watching every week. Loved all the characters, my only complaint was the Chuck seemed to have no learning curve, but it appears that has been fixed so YAY!
Glad it's coming back because it is so funny. Adam Baldwin is really so good in it. Plus, bonus, it looks as if Chuck has finally had a haircut!
I can't get enough of this show - it rubs the nerd/geek in me just the right way :D
I have actually felt that there was an arch and that Chuck did have a learning curve. He starts out as a very smart man who has no intention of living up to his potential and does not even realize what he is capable of. As the seasons have progressed we have seen him forced to be more than he wants to be.
It's slow development because we can't have a very capable Chuck or there is no show.
Really looking forward to this being back on air.
A slightly longer Chuck preview (featuring a segment with a few choice words from Adam Baldwin at the 3:00 minute mark) can be found here.

Didn't think it was worth a main page post, but feel free to rectify that if it's a slow news day...

Be that it may...


(ETA: Grammar. Always good. Always bestest.)

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