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November 21 2009

Mythology: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Impact. Box Office Prophets shows their continuing Whedon love.

Totally agree. Especially with this bit:
Not that vampires are anything new in literature or showbiz, but the real vampire peak, at least from a creative point of view, happened before Sookie, before Bella, before whoever is in that CW show. The real peak happened when a girl not only fell in love with a vampire, but also when she began slaying them.

Thanks for posting, was a good read.
Interesting article.Right now I can't believe that The Twilight Saga:New Moon has broken The Dark Knight's opening day box office.$72.7 million for New Moon in one day of release vs. The Dark Knight's $67.2 million.Amazing

Makes me wonder if Joss would of had problems getting those Buffyverse T.V./DVD movies or a full Buffy theatrical movie up if this Twilight/vampire craze was happening back in 2004-2006.
nice article....i too liked the bit emmy quoted out of it.
I think thats why the Buffy movie might do well in film form.
Nice, but nothing we have not seen before. However, I am not sure what he meant by " intertwined story run."
I hate Box Office Prophets. They're terrible at why they do and are constantly burdened by geek prejudices.
Dana, wasn't that refering to the shows seven seasons and although pretty self contained, it's necessary to watch it all.
I agree about Buffy being the best show ever. I hate to say this but Dollhouse was not remotely in the same class. I hope Joss goes back to what he does best. He needs to start from a fanciful, silly place, because that's where he works best. Don't get me wrong. I love it when he goes to the darkness and the pain, but it always works because its grounded in a fanciful, silly universe (see also, e.g., Dr. Horrible). Dollhouse was missing this foundation. I really hope we get another show like Buffy some day. I agree with the author about it being among the best story-telling on TV. (see also, e.g., six feet under).
Neither Angel nor Firefly was especially fanciful or silly, although both shows included definite humorous elements.

In fact, quite a few Buffy episodes were also lacking in silliness.
In fact, quite a few Buffy episodes were also lacking in silliness.
not_Bridget | November 23, 19:52 CET

I'd make that "most". Wit? a different story. Wit combined with tragedy = Joss at his most unique and awesome.
Which is why I seriously disagree that Dollhouse was not remotely in the same class.
Which is kinda like saying that Firefly wasn't remotely in the same class as Buffy, apples and oranges wise.

ETA: For clarity, it's squishy's comment that I'm seriously disagreeing with.

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