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November 21 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Official Ornaments. They have some Holiday Bundles and the 2010 calendar and free shipping on $75 or more.

I bought the 2010 Dr. Horrible's Calendar at a Barnes & Noble store in USA. It was nice to see it in a brick and mortar store.

I'm thinking that Dr Horrible bobbleheads is the next step.

Shiny idea.
Can't find a search button on to see if they made bobbleheads for anyone else. If Dr. Horrible had a Captain Hammer bobblehead, he could have smashed it with his boot.
Speaking of Dr. Horrible, more than one attendee at this weekend's Creation convention for Firefly/Serenity reports that QMx has snagged a Dr. Horrible license, but I haven't seen anyone mention whether or not they mentioned any particular product intentions.
Apparently they showed a maquette. I'm trying to find out if it's anything like the fan made ones.
The One True b!X,

Hmmm, probably looks like a bobblehead but doesn't bobble.
Apparently they're unrelated to the ones made by that fan artist. Too bad, because those were awesome.
I would be up for some solar bobbleheads to sit next to my Jack and Sally ones.

couldn't find any specific info on the $75+ = free shipping deal. Anyone know if that's only for domestic?
I had totally forgotten that I already bought two 'Doctor Horrible' calendars to give as Christmas gifts, now I have to find them before Christmas rolls around!
That is so cool! I love calendars! I love Dr. Horrible! And now they're together is a squishy neat gift! YAY!

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