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November 22 2009

Sexiest vampires... ever! With the new vampire craze, MSN today took a look at the sexiest vampires in film and TV history (includes guys and girls!) Guess who made the list?

Okay, sure, but where's Spike? Dang it.
Brad Pitt made me want to vomit in that picture. D:
Very weird list. And any list that doesn't include Spike (panther crawl up Harmony, etc) isn't legit.
I know Frick! Brad Pitt is hot almost all of the time. The only time Brad Pitt wasn't hot was Interview With the Vampire. Wassup with that, yo?
guess who didn't made the list? :( A Sexiest-vampire-list without Spike isn't a list.. it's just bad taste.
I love Angel. I really do. But having him instead of Spike is just... silly.
Not having Spike on this list is way beyond 'silly''s downright wrong!!
Oh great, another 'sexiest vampire' list! Pfft. Our culture is now so devoid of creativity and substance that instead of fashioning passions for the accomplished, the heroic, the beautifully real, we are told to substitute virtue for the creepy. Remember, in Joss's world, vampires are monsters that terrorize us and need to be killed, not loved and admired. Even the 'sexiest' vampires in Joss's world, Angel and Spike, deeply aspired to be human. Now, we want our young ladies to mate with the living dead? What really does that say about Hollyweird's leadership?
That they'll say anything at all for a quick buck?
That they'll say anything at all for a quick buck?

I lol'd. :|
That vampires are sexy, peanut noir?

I go back to Barnabas
Dear redeem, maybe it's the actors and actresses playing the vampires that are sexy?
Well it is sweet that they included Angel, but the list is totally bogus because they failed to include the sexiest vampire ever: Frank Langella's Dracula.

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No Spike = List Fail
@Peanut Noir: Maybe it's the way the actor/esses portray the character, like with Angels brooding and Spikes hilariousness, it brings out a side that people can really, really like. :o
I was a little disappointed not to see vamped Willow make the list, Alyson Hannigan makes just the cutest vampire. Just keep her away from innocent puppies.

Very pleased to see "Lifeforce" listed. Now, that little vamp had some charm. Would really steal the life from you. Glad it was remembered.
No Spike = Epic Win

Just my opinion, though.
Any sexiest vampire list must include Spike and Angel

To seperate them is cruel!!
*high fives Chrisham2*
I agree with Taaroko and Chrisham2. Spike was not my cup of tea. Angel, however... Mm. *joins in high five*
*floats into whedonesque like a transuding fury*

Mmm Angel...
Spike was the funny one. However, Spike + Angel = Laughing your ass off. :P
I second that mmmm...Angel.

Spike should be on there though. He is my #2 vamp and so I do love him.

But yay! for the Angel mention at least!
I'm with the highfive party on this one.

Spike was ok sometimes, but he got on my nerves more than not!

Yay for the wonderfulness that is Angel!~
*joins in the highfives*
For me -disregarding the whole vampire thing and based on personality- Angel would be the man I want to marry, and Spike would be one of my best guy mates, but one I'd just want to deck sometimes.
I did have a dream once that I was married to Angel but having an affair with Spike...


Speaking of which, I have a theory why women find vampires sexy that concerns them being women which I won't go into here.
seriously...Robert Pattinson's character Edward beats Spike?? ha, yeah right....very bad list.
They should have just gone ahead and said Darla -- they spent the only entry about "Buffy" talking mostly about her anyway, and she is easily easily easily the sexiest of the Buffyverse vamps.
I'd have to go with Vampire Willow. I never found regular Willow attractive, even though I recognize that Alyson Hannigan is in fact incredibly gorgeous. It's because she played the part so well and I loved the character. (Stop acting so well so I can objectify you already. Jeeze!) But Vampire Willow is the exception. If your jaw does not hit the floor when she walks on screen, then I submit that you do not have a jaw.
Any list about sexy vampires that doesn't have Spike at the top is just a stupid list.
I agree with KingofCretins. I was thinking "Darla" before I saw the list, and the text that accompanied "Angel" was a tribute to Julie Benz.
Mr. Boreanaz also popped up in People's sexiest men issue! They didn't give him a full page, but nice to see his grinning mug still considered sexy!
Any list of sexiest vampires that doesn't include Count von Count from "Sesame Street" is obviously worthless.
I think Mr. Boreanaz as Agent Booth is sexier than ever. He's at his best when he can play some comedy (always my favourite aspect of him as Angel, and why I prefer him on AtS than BtvS.)
I am not an Angel fan, but bring Angelus on and he is so HOT. Still my favorite sexy, hot vamp is Spike and have Edward on a sexy list and not have Spike just makes the list not a true list. I have a picture of Spike that says I Don't Need to Sparkle..and boy is that true.
Any list of sexiest vampires that doesn't include Count von Count from "Sesame Street" is obviously worthless.

Oh yeah? Next to Count Chocula, he's nothing. My heart starts to pound just thinking of Chocy. I mean, c'mon, numbers vs. chocolate?
No Spike = no cred. Edward but no Spike = double no cred. All those female vamps but no Darla or Dru = triple no cred. Lucy from Bram Stokers Dracula but no Gary Oldman = quadruple no cred.

I'm hopeless with math - does that equal "no cred squared"?
Well, as KoC pointed out above, the entry says "Angel" but the blurb says "Darla."

But yeah, absence of Spike is a rather significant fail.
Vamp Willow, bar none.
I mean, c'mon, numbers vs. chocolate?

Yeah I agree, not an easy choice ( ;). Is there a way to gene-splice von Count and Chocula ? Hmm, numerical chocolatey goodness...
I'm starting to forget what vampires were created for... besides being sexy.

... so, so sexy.
Hmmm chocolate how I love it. Let me COUNT the ways.

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