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November 22 2009

QMx gets Firefly, Dr. Horrible licenses. As announced yesterday at Creation's Serenity & Firefly convention, QMx now has the rights to produce collectibles for two more Whedon shows. They showed off a Dr. Horrible maquette.

Who owns the rights to the equivalent Buffy and Angel licenses?
I've had my 'Wash is my Co-pilot' license plate cover for years, and I really love it (I'm so sorry I wasn't at Creation Con this year!).

Wait, QMx has a youtube channel? And they plan to post the Jane Espenson and Tim Minear panel on it?! I must see that!

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QMX got Firefly and Dr. Horrible! Whoo-hoo!

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QMX twitter

"First collectible licenses for both properties, and we couldn't be more honored or humbled to be trusted with such wonderful shows! "

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Speaking of the wonderful people at QMx, I discovered them a bit late. I am therefore trying to compile a list of all of the Serenity products that they have issued to date. I doubt that I will ever be able to find them all, but a list would still be great. If anyone is aware of a site that might list them all then I'd very much appreciate it. =)
Can someone link directly to the image because the link to the Maquette only sends me to a login page on twitter, and I don't have twitter.
Their Dr Horrible statue confused me into confusing Qmx with Electric Tiki for a moment. (No judgment about that either way). I've put a few questions in to Sideshow Collectibles asking if they consider Dr. Horrible's fan base large enough to make 12" figures. No replies yet. but hoping.
Seconded, Ivalaine. Not an anti-Twitter snob, just have little interest in it. Regular link, if possible, please and thanks ?

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It's actually a Twitter profile picture.. so they might not be able to directly link.

You should be able to see it if you go directly to and look at the icon. Click for bigger.

Regarding the maquette photo, I think the only one posted so far is QMx's Twitter user pic:
Great news on the Firefly license...I always hated that they had to treat Firefly and Serenity separately. And when they start re-issuing Hero of Canton prop statue replacement parts? I'm first in line, dude. (grin)

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