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November 22 2009

Nicholas Brendon's play sells out in opening weekend. It's sold out Thanksgiving weekend, too. Plus, a pleasant review and cute picture from Trent of Pink is the New Blog.

Act quick if you want to see Nick in this play, because it's selling out fast!

Don't know if this will stay since there was a post about it before, but I missed that one, and am very grateful you posted! Got my tickets for 5:00 Sunday. Am expecting hilarity.
I know there was a post about his costume -- because, well, I posted it and thinking about those shoes still makes me laugh -- but I don't think there was one about the show being sold out.

And have fun! I'm seeing it next month.
Congrats to Nick!

That's quite a feat when all you read about lately are stories talking about more show closings. But those shoes have gotta go!!
i wish i could see Nick at his play!! :(
genius casting. Hope David Sedaris, the author of the original short story, will be there too. a fun sardonic frolic...just the thing for the holidays.
I saw a pic of him in his costume. Hes so cute! Congrats to him.
Excellent news for Nicholas, wishing the best!
I really love Nicky. It's great to see him get the attention he deserves.
Wow. Guess I should get my tickets soon.
I'm glad this play is doing well. Wish I could go and see it.
There are two reasons why I am having a quick weekend in L.A, next month. One is cheap air fares. The other is Nick Brendon. I'll be going there to see him early next month.
Sellout! You... oh, what? Oh, the good kind of sell out. Well done, Nicky B!
Excellent for Nick, a fine actor who should be on TV a lot more than he is.
It's so popular that they've added shows.
Yeah Nicky! Sorry I can't make it, looks kind of awesome.

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