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November 23 2009

New Firefly short stories in the works? Both Jane Espenson and Jose Molina have tweeted recently about a Firefly short story project of some kind. Also involves Ben Edlund.

CapricaSeven: "Got much-needed info on Firefly class ship engine design."

CapricaSeven: "Heh. Some Firefly alums are going to write short stories, that's all. Something to keep me out of trouble over #Caprica hiatus!"

JoseMolinaTV: "Working on my Firefly short story. Assuming Jane has finished and Edlund will write his 6 hours before it's due."

I suppose it's one thing to link to that website for this story, although it would have made more sense to link to the individual tweets from the original source(s). But to give the site a tag, too, when they have nothing to do with it?

First, I heard about any of these tweets was someone pointing me to the site. Was this stuff talked about at last weekend's Firefly/Serenity Creation convention?
I reworked this to go directly to the tweets in question and spell out what seems to be going on a little more clearly. In cases where other sites post quotes from elsewhere but don't really add any additional information, it's usually better to link to the more direct source.

I wonder who else is involved in writing these and if it will be an anthology for print, or something else.
Oooh, this sounds interesting.
Iiiiiiinteresting. I just rewatched "War Stories" yesterday and it reminded me how much I want to know Book's backstory.
Jose Molina kept silent on Twitter about it after his original tweet. It was his tweet, I think, that sparked Jane to tweet something because I know that I and other people had asked her WTF Jose was talking about. But neither of them have said a word about why they're doing this.
Haven't Dark Horse already announced they're doing something? I'm sure they did at some point.
yes...Yes...YEEEEES!! Please, please be in Comic form a-la that Serenity Myspace Dark Horse Presents story, uhm... The Other Half is the name, right?

[ETA; Gossi, really? I havn't heard that... is Shepards Tale still on?]

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Did you know there is going to be a comic someday with Book's backstory in it. Can't remember the status on it.
Dark Horse has only ever announced the Book mini-series and the one-shot by Patton Oswalt.

"the one-shot by Patton Oswalt" That is going to involve Wash right?
About a month ago Scott Allie confirmed that the Book mini-series is still happening, just going slowly.

Here's an interview from October 11th, in it he says that they are still looking for an artist:

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At Comic-Con this year we had Jim Krueger at the California Browncoats table. He is the writer who will be doing the Book comic. He told us that Joss had just turned in the final treatment for the comic. It's going to be good, I just hope they find an artist soon.
I wonder if the short stores are for that third Titan Books volume that's comin out next year.
Simon, that question came to my mind, too.

Hadn't thought of that. Online comics, print comics, fan fiction, animation, Fox web studios, essays that read like stories...

Memory says the 3rd Firefly Visual Companion is called "Still Flying". That would fit too.
This sounds really intriguing, i'd love some prose short-stories from the writers. And if it's "Firefly alums" then I presume that's gonna include Messrs Whedon and Minear ? It'd be a pretty decent way for Titan to add value to a third volume (the justification for which seems quite thin to me).
This is so exciting! Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Titan also do regular books? Perhaps this is how it's being released. I've wondered a long time why we haven't gotten any FF/S novels (and the reviews for the novelization weren't great). The icing on the cake would be if it came as a hardcover.
Thanks for the link, Risch22. I didn't realize they'd talked about it so recently.
I'm with Saje. I'd love to see prose-shorts from the writers. In fact, I'd love to see those more than I'd love to see a new comic. Here's hoping that's what's going on.
I've always been a fan of the whole Firefly universe being continued in multi-volume book form if it fails to be advanced in the live action realm. After all, the show itself was heavily influenced by the trappings and level of characterization exemplified by Michael Sheara's historical novel the Killer Angels - a big part of why I think the franchize itself is so robust.

EtC: Punctuation.

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Whichever form it takes, this seems to be well beyond the rumor stage—at least enough to get me excited.

I also thought the Book comic was more or less dead, as we went so long without an update.
Yes please please please! Oh I want this so bad, and I want to give it to ALL my friends and family who loved 'Firefly' (after I got them the DVD set). The comics were nice, but really nice fleshed out stories would be so much better!
I got here via this tweet by Jane Espenson.
Is this the website we're talking about?

That website is just a fansite, but this is what they are discussing, yes. See this thread here for more.

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