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November 23 2009

DB Woodside guest stars on tonight's Castle. This might explain this tweet from Nathan a few weeks ago. "We got something for Buffy fans coming up on Castle!"

And Matt Champagne who was Gene in Angel's "Happy Anniversary" episode. :)
And Alex Skuby, who, though I instantly found familiar, I can't specifically recall in either of his roles on Angel ("Sense and Sensitivity") or Buffy ("Bad Girls"). Been a while since I've seen those eps, though. More likely I was recognizing him from The King of Queens.

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Another wonderful episode.
cripes, was going to wait til tomorrow to watch this, now must go see DB Woodside! (and Nathan...)
Apparently Marc Blucas is going to be in the December 7th episode.
IMDB Episode page.
Jose Molina's tweet that led me there

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